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Student, teacher and parent

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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We all are students in one way or the other . People studying in a school or in a tuition center doesn't mean only they are students. But we learn from each other everyday, so we are students to one another . This is a modern concept and everyone doesn't agree with it.

being a student is itself so complicated and sensitive and needs a full support and understanding so that a student can accomplish his/her goal.

We all know that parents are the first teachers of a person , especially a mother because it doesn't matter whether they are literate or not. But they are educated , they are experienced. You will surely learn a lot from them. But parents should also keep one thing in mind that their kids are the new learners in this modern world and parents can themselves learn from them a lot.

mother father - children relationship should be like of parents but their bond should be like that of friends

Then comes the role of a teacher in a students life. If mother and father are the day and nights of a student, a teacher is like a sun for them. Both are important and dependent on each other . Teacher should have the capability of understanding the student , knowing them personally , and knowing his/her interests . If teachers are able to do so they will find that it is not always necessary that the main motive of the teacher is to make sure that the student is learning the assigned topics properly but also to show them the right direction . If they will find their interests , they can guide them. In today's world teacher - student relationships are changed, now they are like friends . It has two sides, one positive and one negative . It will help them to know and understand each other in a better and tidy way but it also erase the teacher-student limit lines.

If parents are the basements of a student , teachers are the storeys

So everyone should keep one thing in mind that we are playing a very important role in each others lives and should play that properly. Only then our lives will be sustainable.


By Shafia

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