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Structuring Data the Big Way: Best Courses for Data Science

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Skilled data scientists and big data analysts are now a rich commodity in the market, and hence they are becoming more and more valuable to the economy as the days move on. IBM recently predicted that the demand for data scientists would increase by about 28% in the upcoming year leading to even more opportunities.


The time has never been better to invest in some good Data Science Courses and here’s a look at some of the best ones available:

1. Data Science Specialization by Coursera

This one is by the prestigious John Hopkins University, who have been teaching data analysis for a long time now. The course isn’t exactly free, but if you can afford to pay for it, it’s one of the best courses out there to familiarise yourself with the concepts and even build on them at a later stage. The ten courses provided in the Specialisation covers everything from statistical R Programming to language processing. Real life examples and analytics help the learner really grasp the subject and hence get a feel of what the practical applications of this subject is. This one boosts your CV while the grading and discusiion forum makes it easier than ever to understand the concepts.

2. Data Science Essentials by EdX

Microsoft offers this as a part of their Professional Program Certificate in Data Science and is therefore meant for people who have a working understanding of R and Python. The course has in-depth tutorials on statistics, probability and also an introduction to the Azure framework. The course is entirely free while the certification requires you to pay a fee.

3. Intro to Machine Learning by Udacity

This course works well for beginners as well as intermediates as it gives a full overview of the subject, the theory as well as the practical real world applications of it. It focuses on figuring out the processes behind the functioning of various elements and also decoding the algorithms that best fit a problem.

4. Learning from Data by California Institute of Technology

Machine Learning is an upcoming field that is being explored in this course. The lectures along with assignments ensure that mathematics is given importance and hence the certification gives solid theoretical as well practical knowledge.

5. Become a Data Scientist by Dataquest

Dataquest is an independent online training provider that offers free access to its course materials and three alternatives, of training to become a data analyst, data scientist or data engineer. The course is endorsements by Uber, Amazon and Spotify and is a good alternative for anyone looking for an in-depth insight into the subject.

6. Data Mining Course by KDNuggets

KDNuggets is a famous data science website that has several modules on machine learning. These courses focus on data mining, regression and clustering. Practical applications of the technology have been given focus in this course leading to extended usefulness.

7. Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science

The Microsoft Professional Program contains more courses and also fundamentals such as data exploration in Excel and Azure Learning through Spark. DataCamp sets up courses based on preferred career choice, making it easier than ever before to specialise smartly.

By Athulya Mohandas

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