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Himani Agyani


Solution of your problem by Tarot card reading

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11 days ago
11 days ago
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Tarot cards are some kind of play cards with a unique design on it, symbols are on tarot cards has a specific name for each. Tarot card is a set of 78 cards called deck. Divides into two parts major arcana or minor arcana.

What are tarot cards?

Tarot card is a type of wonderful spiritual astrology generally relates with our mind and works through our mind, generally, when we play cards it’s a game but in tarot card reading we don’t play a card but we choose a card among of the tarot cards called deck.


Tarot card reading is like reading the spiritual holy books, but in tarot cards reading only a scholar can understand the exact meaning of the holy symbols, this is a kind of logical reading called tarot card reading. Get the appointment with best tarot card reader in Delhi


How tarot cards work


Tarot card reading knowledge means when a human born and

till his death, tarot card reader in Delhi could predict about the whole journey of his/her life, their Up’s and downs in life everything could be predicted through the tarot card reader in Delhi.


As we already know Tarot cards is a kind of astrology

but not the proper astrology and works with brain intuitions.


We have two stages of mind


1st is a conscious mind

2nd is a subconscious mind


1.      Conscious mind: We do the daily routine work they all

controlled by our actions when are in a conscious state.

 Example: Bath, Food, wakeup, sleep, etc these are

our daily routine works.

2.      Subconscious mind: Subconscious mind works when we sleep or we say

when we do not stay in conscious state, on that time our subconscious mind

works for our body to taking care properly like breathing, blood pressure

controlling, heartbeats, etc our subconscious mind looks after we sleep, so

whole process of our body when we sleep is a responsibly of subconscious mind

is to control and taking care of our body.

3.       We all know about our ancestors they do yoga and meditation regularly so they were able to see future past and present. They could define their life in a better way by seeking their past future and present. They made themselves internally strong by wakening up to the power of the brain.


4.      Our subconscious mind knows everything about our body, about our past present and future. But we are not able to understand we usually ignore the intuitions of our mind. Our mind always try to approach us there is a need to listen to it carefully but we don’t do.


How Tarot cards connected with

the brain

We can understand the process of brain connectivity with tarot

cards by a simple example


1.  We all experienced anything in our life

happened at least for one time, when we feel about the incident is going to

happen either its good or bad with our life. This intuition comes from our

subconscious brain. When it’s already happened we say I was feeling the same

that it will happen. So this is all about the brain.


2.   So the concept runs similar in Tarot card reading, tarot cards work with our subconscious mind and bring out the things in the outer environment while picking a card.


3.   When a tarot card reader in Delhi ask for a card to choose, our brain recognizes

the question and express the solution indirectly by our subconscious mind.


4.   Usually, our subconscious mind knows

all the answers related to our life, but we don’t understand the meaning of

signals by the brain.


5.  So the best tarot cards reader in Delhi helps us to connect with the subconscious mind or we could say a tarot card reader is a medium to tell us what our mind is trying to tell us.

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