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Social Warfare Plugin Zero-Day: Details and Attack Data - Businesstomark

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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In our earlier post, we issued a warning to users of the Social Warfare plugin regarding a zero-day vulnerability affecting their sites. At this time, the plugin’s developers have issued a patch for the flaw. All users are urged to update to version 3.5.3 immediately.

Vulnerability Details

The plugin features functionality that allows users to clone its settings from another site. However, this functionality was not restricted to administrators or even logged-in users. An attacker is able to input a URL pointing to a crafted configuration document, which overwrites the plugin’s settings on the victim’s site .

With the ability to modify the social media plugin’s settings, an attacker can pivot and perform more malicious activity. In all cases we’ve tracked so far, attackers modify the twitter_id value, as it most directly leads to a front-facing XSS injection point.

Active Exploit Campaign

Threat actors exploiting this flaw host their payloads as Pastebin raw files, as the URLs are anonymous and don’t point directly to the attacker’s infrastructure. At this time, we’ve identified three main Pastebin addresses:

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