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Indrita Ganguly


Save Your Makeup from Melting This Summer by Following These Hacksverified tick

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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‘Summer summer go away, come again another day’ – this is what our makeup has to say every day when it comes underneath the dreadful sun with its voracious rays! Some of us ladies are really in love with make-up and actually splurge all our salaries on it. But the moment the summer season attacks or should we say trespasses through the soothing sprinter, our makeup as well as skin cry. So what can be done to save those beautiful mushy cheeks from the melting foundation?


1. Moisturizing is a prerequisite: Yes, even during summers, this is mandatory. Make sure that the moisturizer is oil-free when used during the mornings, and follow it with the same oil-free foundation.

2. Make primer your best-friend: This particular thing seems to be futile which sits back in an edge but it’s until we learn its productiveness during this humidity. In this weather, you need to put primer on every part of your face, even your eyelids. It’ll not only make you appear dolled up but will keep that sweat at bay.

3. Glosses to glam you up: Pick the lip gloss from that tray of lipsticks and you’ll notice how that thing instantly makes you lips shimmer. Now, you can eat your heart out and not fret about colorful teeth (if you know what we mean!)

4. Did you forget your sunscreen again?: In this humid weather, don’t even think to forget carrying this magical product. Throughout the winter you might have taken your skin for granted but now this is your only savior for the UV rays protection will be nothing less than a shield.

5. To waterproof mascara and more: Yes, those waterproof makeup products will be so fruitful now. I mean, who would want to roam around under the sun looking like a zombie with mascara overflown? Nobody! So, these waterproof makeup products will come in handy as you don’t have to re-apply them.

6. Invest in a setting spray this time: You might have never thought about it ever but the heat will make you go for it. A setting spray is like a cool breeze in those life-taking heat. It will not only keep your make up on point but applying them once or twice throughout the day will serve you as a handy cooler.

7. Sheer shades and dewy looks: Of course you love your red lipstick but not in the day time though! The day time can be sorted with some sheer shades of your favorite color and those can give some real style goals. One can go for those dewy looks with invisible makeups and appear the diva in town. 

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