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Neha Garg



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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Picture Credit-George Desipris

Please do not kill me, even I have a soul like any other living creature prevailing on earth. It really hurts when I am taken apart from my loved ones and my babies. Right to live is equal for animals too as human beings, so why we sharks are deprived of this rights and taken for granted to serve human beings unconditionally. Is there any hierarchy established by all mighty among animals and human beings?

This is not what I thought my destiny would be, lying down in some scanty boat left to die every second with my fins amputated and pray to god to shower some mercy, by killing me. It's an agony which cannot be depicted or understood by the world. These are some words from poor sharks who do not have the ability to convey their hideous scenario now and later.


Millions of sharks are being killed and their fins are amputated for human consumption. The foremost reason for such obnoxious behavior is because of the high demand for preparing shark fin soup. Tentatively seventy-three millions of sharks among estimated hundred million sharks killed every year is for "The Soup". Well, rest of the ninety-eight percentage of the killed animal's bodies are discarded and thrown in TRASH.

On the other hand, shark fining is considered one of the lucrative business around the globe. Several countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Spain, UAE, USA, Indonesia are some biggest catchers for the same. Among which Hongkong solely supplies up to a fifty-eighty percentage of shark fins. The amount paid for each pound of fins is nerve-wracking. Around eight hundred dollars is charged for per pound of the fins and hundred dollars for per bowl of shark fin soup.


It is very well known the prominent role sharks play to balance the marine ecosystem. Sharks are on the top of the food chain, and such havoc caused to this innocent creation of God can disrupt the entire marine animals. In a recent survey about ninety-nine percentage of sharks have been killed over fifty years. Can anyone understand it is such a big loss for each of us since we all the directly and indirectly connected to it? And further thirty-two percentage of open ocean sharks are estimated to be extinct. Such sinister activity of killing sharks just for the taste of our mouth should not be encouraged. And this murky business which is flourishing in every corner of the globe should be prohibited to safeguard the lives of millions of sharks.

By Neha Garg

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