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Role of CSR Films in Driving Social Change

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a month ago
a month ago
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A smile on a kid’s face is the most hear warming sight, but when you get to know that you’re the reason behind that smile; it makes your day.

We, Humans have always cherished feelings of love and care over all the other emotions. No matter how hateful, mean or arrogant we might become we can never shed our core away, the one which likes to spread happiness. Sometimes we forget this but even then, all we need is someone or something to remind us of our true identity and our inherent virtues.

CSR has helped organizations in sharing such smiles, in giving back, creating a positive impact on the society and bringing about an environmental change. They took CSR as opportunity to serve people and help in community building. The fact that makes it a charm is that, as a policy it has risen above being a mandatory regulation to becoming a voluntary enterprise. More and more companies are willing to pool in a large chunk of their resources for making the world a better place. We’re finally at the stage where for corporations, SUCCESS and SOCIETY are equally important, where EFFICIENCY and EMPATHY are equally critical, where PROGRESS AND PEOPLE are indistinguishable.

“Spending on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), or welfare schemes like health and education, by India’s largest firms stood at Rs7,536.30 crore (around $1 billion) in the financial year that ended in March 2018, according to a survey by KPMG India. The survey analysed the CSR spending of India’s top 100 listed companies. The CSR spending by top Indian companies in 2018 was 47% higher than what it was back in 2014 when India first made it mandatory for large private and public sector firms to spend at least 2% of their net profits on special development projects.


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