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Indrita Ganguly


7 Mind Blowing Innovations in Artificial Intelligence That Benefit You Everyday

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Artificial intelligence is something which has been prevalent for the last few years. Designers are always looking to introduce new A.I technologies. The existing tech is also being improved as we speak. A lot of companies have implemented the use of A.I technologies to enhance their efficiency. As of today, there are hundreds of A.I tech available in the market and in the near future, it might even replace the human workforce entirely. And while that might seem like a bad thing, artificial intelligence help humans in ways which were previously thought to be impossible.


So here are some of the most recent technologies that have been launched.

1. Natural Language Generation 

Natural Language Generation is something which turns data into text that helps the computers to interact properly with the users and it also helps them to communicate certain ideas. This is being widely used in customer service to make detailed market reports. 

2. Virtual Agents

It is a computer program which is able to communicate with humans. Chatbots are the best example of virtual agents. These are also used in customer services. Some people use virtual agents as smart home managers.

3. Robotic Process Automation

This technology is primarily used by certain companies to increase work efficiency. It can perform human tasks with ease. Robotic Process Automation is used when the company can not afford to hire a person or when the task is too inefficient. By using this software, many companies have been able to shift their human workforce to a more creative and strategic position.

4. Cyber Defence

As the name suggests this software is used to protect information from online threats. It warns and provides appropriate responses to online threats and attacks. Cyber Defence is being upgraded as cybercrime is increasing and the environment is more hostile than it was a few years ago. 

5. Emotion Recognition

Emotion Recognition is a software which is able to read human emotions on a human face by incorporating the use of advanced image processing. Previously this was thought to be impossible but with this software, even micro expressions can be captured. Many law enforcement agencies use this tech to extract information in an interrogation. 

6. Image Recognition

Image recognition lets you identify and detect a certain object or feature which is present in a digital image. This is a rather useful software as it is able to detect diseases, identify or detect license plates. Companies use this software to help their customers near duplicate images. It is also capable of analyzing customers and clients based on their face alone. 

7. NLP (Natural Language Processing)

This software makes use of text analytics to understand the meaning behind a sentence and also to understand their structure. Machine Learning and statistical methods are the reason this software is able to perform such feats. This software is often used for fraud detection but its use isn’t limited to just that. It is used by many apps to extract unstructured data.

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