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Pooja Sharma


Rat Race

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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A puppy opened his eyes and looked around

Smiling faces adored him with love and time

He thought they loved him,

Never did it occur that it was just another dream!

The smile started to fade away

When he joined the ultimate Rat Race

He was told to learn and walk

He was asked to earn a few pieces of paper!

And he started to fall behind

Just because he couldn't follow another blind.

He could see with wide open eyes

Everyone suffered, everyone cried!

Yet they continued to burn their feet

By walking over the fire street!

He wanted to change everything he could see

He wanted to say, "oh wake up! You're following a Rat Race!"

But in the eyes of people, he was just another failure,

After all, why would they see an unsuccessful face?

He saw what they couldn't

Even the topmost person urged for love

Won't that become the essence of living?

Instead of fame, success, greed, and lying?

Why couldn’t they see?

This world creates unlimited machines

Instead of human beings

For him, It was a nightmare instead of a dream!

How could they not see,

The rate of unhappiness in employment,

The rate of depression amid the supposed happiness,

The desire to leave it all behind,

The miserable lives!

Then it occurred to him,

Perhaps they were all blind,

Perhaps they were brainwashed into following the Rat Race,

For they forgot the ultimate essence of living,

That is to just love another being.

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