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Tanisha Dasgupta


Pulwama Attack: Why We Have No Right to Ask for a War

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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February 14th, a day that is celebrated as the day of love all over the world, has now become a day that every Indian will associate with hatred, violence, and loss. What took place on that day is labeled by many as the deadliest terror attack to take place on Indian soil in a very long time. The suicide bombing was responsible for the deaths of 40 jawans, and the destruction of an equal number of families. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the attack has left the entire country fuming, with many craving revenge on the terrorists.


Even though this is the most devastating incident in a very long time, it is definitely not the first act of violence to take place in the region where the forces of CRPF and the Kashmiri militants have been at loggerheads with one another for decades. However, what’s funny is that most people who have been asking for a war on Pakistan have no idea about the complex nature of the conflict in the region. Without better knowledge of the issues in the region, it is not only impractical but also rather hypocritical to want to have a say in its politics.

Apart from the fact that there is not much that we can do, except maybe pray for the peace of the departed souls, because we do not have the expertise or the intelligence to comment on this matter, there is the very obvious truth that as a successful democracy, India cannot go to full-fledged war with another country. Not only will that create complications in India’s international relations but also lead to adverse economic and social implications for the region, as well as, the entire nation in some way.


Moreover, the costs of war are just too damn high; which is precisely why the Indian government and the Indian military has been trying to avoid it. There is also the fact that any attack on another country will not be without retaliation. So, if you are okay with killing innocent civilians of another country, just remember, that the price of the war will also be a few hundred or maybe more innocent Indian lives.

Lastly, I personally believe that we, in no way, have the right to cry out war from the comforts of our homes, because if and when war does take place, our lives would not be the ones on the line, neither will the lives of the politicians who are making grand promises of avenging the lost lives to pacify the nation. What will be at stake, however, is the lives of the same jawans who have already laid down their lives for the country without being asked to do so; the same jawans who know what is the best course of action at this moment, and will surely follow it, without a thousand voices screaming ‘war’ at them.

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