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Protect yourself with the best iPhone X cases

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a month ago
a month ago
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The iPhone X Apple is a beautiful phone, yes, but beauty is often fragile. If you work outdoors, do a lot of sport, or are just a little clumsy with your hands, you should consider investing in a rugged iPhone case that can withstand the inclemencies of the law of Universal Gravitation. For you, we have gathered here the hardest of the hard: the best resistant cases for iPhone X that you can buy today.

Some offer fall protection; others are weather resistant, and some of them are genuine off-road. If you really want to keep your phone safe in any situation, you will need one of these.

Pelican Shield Case

Pelican, a well-known name in terms of protective cases for all types of equipment, also offers a very resistant product for the iPhone. The Shield combines five protective layers and even includes genuine fibers from the Kevlar brand. The result is a case that far exceeds military standards. Tested from heights of up to 24 feet (7.3 meters), it will survive multiple falls. The frame is hooked in several places to keep your iPhone XS in place, and there are port covers and switches to prevent dirt. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is very bulky, but if you need protection against serious falls, it is what you need.

Urban Armor Gear Case

You can see that this case is resistant just by looking at it. UAG's products are something that could lead a Marine to war, but in reality, they are made of light plastic, not metal. There are rubber bumpers in the corners to absorb impacts and also in the contours to prevent your iPhone from slipping on any surface. The buttons on the iPhone are easy to find without looking, and easy to press, even if your hands are dirty or wet. This case also exceeds military fall test standards, having fallen 4 feet 26 times without damage.

Otterbox Defender Series 

Many people consider Otterbox to be the gold standard when it comes to rugged protection for your iPhone, and the Defender Series is the toughest of all. Features a layered design with a durable silicone non-slip cover, surrounded by a polycarbonate shell. Usually, there is also a built-in screen saver, but the version for the iPhone X is "no screen". You will also find covers to avoid lint and dirt in your ports, as well as a belt clip that can then be folded as a stand. The covers of the buttons are well defined and easy to find and press. Otterbox tests these cases in 24 different tests, with a total of 238 hours of torture, all so you can be sure of the fall protection it offers.

Incipio Reprieve Sports Cases

Offering a wide range of excellent options, Incipio puts a lot into the manufacture of its covers, and this is one of its most protective offers. It combines a transparent and scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell with a flexible frame and reinforced corners. It is likely that your iPhone will hit one of its corners if it falls, so the design of this case will provide great protection, being able to withstand even falls of up to 12 feet. Built-in openings offer easy access to the phone's ports and camera, the button covers work well and the case leaves the front of your iPhone X uncovered and fully accessible. However, you may want to pair this rugged housing with a screen protector, if you want complete protection.

Tech21 Evo Check Case

Sturdy iPhone cases can be expensive, yes: but they're worth it. We've seen first-hand how Tech21 puts its covers to the test, and its range offers solid fall protection for your iPhone. Like the other Tech21 covers for iPhone X in the range, the Evo Check Evoke has been subjected to tests of falls from 10 feet, which is higher than the typical fall height of a phone. The protection extends around the entire housing, with three layers of protection on the bumper to prevent impact. This case is also relatively light, thin and very comfortable to hold. It has built-in button covers and precise cutouts for the camera, port and switch.

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