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sachin kulkarni


Pornography Vs. Reality

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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You know one of the few things that intrigues people the most? Pornography. In literal terms, as Wikipedia suggests, it is the representation of the human body form performing sexual behavior. It is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal.

There are more than 100 most active porn sites being accessed every minute from around the globe. Of course, it’s a different experience altogether and in a way is like the excitement and proud feeling astronauts get when they touch an unknown planet or discover a new territory.

And it’s very convenient to watch. With technology in our hands, one or two taps of the touch pad and a high speed internet connection and you are transported into a world of fantasy and pleasure. The categories are uncountable and there’s definitely more to come across.

Every time something new and surprising is brought up, I imagine people squealing ecstatically like little children. That would be worth a watch, I’m sure.

It cultivates creativity and in a way spices up an individual’s sex life; for the ones who are up for it, anyway. It’s also helps in temporary release of pent up frustration caused by daily life through the method of masturbation.

Agreed that porn is probably quite fun, the one reason why it is watched on such a large scale, but everything has its downsides too:

  1. The content of pornography is purely fictitious. It is fantasy. Enjoying porn is okay but trying to execute it in real life? Well, not as exciting as expected. If you go through the life of an actor, you’ll understand exactly how it is for porn stars too. I’ve seen many secretly wishing they were porn stars, but seriously, ask the ones who do the actual job. It is like acting. In reality, 99.9% porn stars don’t like to do in reality what they’d do on screen. Irony, isn’t it? So take some advice from these very actors and keep a balance between reality and fiction. Do not completely rely on the content of videos you watch or you might risk getting slapped real hard or end up losing your partner.
  2. Sex is a pure, intimate process. Porn not only encourages people to be creative but also rough and dirty. And that’s where people mess up. So always do remember to consult with your partner if they really enjoy these fantasies like you do. Some partners are not open enough about their feelings so they might just endure it for your sake. On the other hand, there are some who’ll just blurt out to your face. So, to avoid the embarrassment, talk it out.
  3. Objectification of the human body as a means of pleasure. Agreed, that sex is all about loving the way you feel and sense a mixed variety of emotions but pornography often leads to many objectifying a human body. So people who watch a lot of adult rated videos often tend to forget the other partner's viewpoint. Crazy arguments hence pop up and leads to couples trying to strangle each other. So basically, objectification leads to the loss of a loved one. We don't want that, do we?
  4. It is accessible to Everyone. Yes. Like in the literal sense, everyone. That puts the innocent minds of children in pure jeopardy. If you've noticed, humans have a general tendency to be inclined towards doing the exact opposite of what is been told to do for one simple reason. Curiosity. Curious beings as we are, we allow our minds to slip a little so we can do what we desire. But imagine tiny kids who probably don't even reach your hip, both physically and mentally, watching such things. Just imagine the impact. So many questions. Considering the societal restrictions on even talking about sex, it would be extremely embarrassing if a 6 year old kid walks up to you, shows you a video he's been watching and asks you why the lady in the video is screaming so much. How would you explain what is happening? You obviously can't tell him to forget about it. Curiosity will make him ask someone who isn't mature enough, that is his schoolmates, and that will generate a negative view towards sex. And letting a child lose their innocence like that would be a pretty awful thing to do.

Porn addiction

Addiction to porn is a lot like addiction to a drug. At first, due to authority figures who stress on avoiding such things, people experience guilt. Gradually after encouragement from others who watch porn on a regular basis, you end up watching more than you expected. Though considered as not so complex by humans, addiction to practically anything includes a lot of mental changes. Addiction to porn in particular has measurably negative effects on the brain. There are three main brain chemicals involved while watching porn.

1. Dopamine: This chemical provides focus and craving. Released in the brain, it gives a great sense of pleasure. This feeling starts to increase our need for more. Every time a person watches porn, dopamine is produced in small amounts.

2. Nor-epinephrine: It prepares the body for the feeling of pleasure.

3. Serotonin: It brings relaxation and calmness. Loss of control, compulsiveness to seek out the activities despite negative consequences.

These brain brain chemicals are used to gain the high of sexual pleasure.

Continues exposure can cause permanent neuroplastic change in the brain or in simpler words, rewiring of the brain. You start not only to desire but want it which is an unrealistic perception. Sexuality has become a stimulation of the brain and not the body. It has become a mental sickness.

It sets weird expectations from relationships, be it family, a romantic interest or marriage mate. That often leads to disappointment. Porn is meant for momentary pleasure but ends up desensitizing sex and the human body to just an object used for satisfaction and fulfillment.

The average age by which a person watches porn is 11 years of age. The number of young users are increasing to a tremendous extent. Women, who are rarely found to watch porn, are now also indulging in such things.

The mind starts to function in such a way that you think you won't be able to survive without porn. Unknowingly, the brain cuts out all thoughts apart from the ones you now fixate on. Everything you see now has a very sexual angle to it -Perverted thinking.

The respect for the other gender is lost and we end up demoralize their existence. This leads to sexual crimes such as rape and other ruthless acts.

Focus on things other than sex would be rather welcoming and also an easy distraction which can help in reducing addiction.

In India, a lack of sex education leads to people believing that the material shown in pornography is not fantasy but reality. Misinformation hence leads to maximum amount of rapes. It is most common search engine request and one of the main reasons to go online. It is a model for sexual tastes and desires.

It has become a business and marketed in a very perverted manner-Pornography epidemic is the result.

The culture of ours which includes the practice called as ‘sex’ has been taken to a while new level and it needs to be looked at. It is promoted using not only the internet but also magazines, DVDs, movies, posters, etc. Many people are in this illusion that porn is a harmless way to get rid of stress, worries, tensions,etc.

Banning porn is not the solution. It is up-to an individual to decide if he wants to overcome it and be aware of recovery methods.

Sex education in India is a myth say people, but it is important that along with ideal traditional education that is provided, sex education could be incorporated.

There is no positivity that is achieved by discussing, watching and promoting porn.

The reason why people watch porn is to fill the void, either of time or person, and forget the world of worries for some time. Loneliness is one of the primary reason for the addiction. Actually if you see, money and sex have become the primary goals of a successful and settled life. All the things related to these two are adopted by people to experience a way to reach out to them. Medication is not the solution. Its the change in the thought process that needs to be brought in.

People need to start treating sex as one small aspect of life. The hype around it needs to be brought down.

Pornography is a contributing factor to extramarital affairs. It often happens that one gets so engrossed into porn that their own partner starts to seem unattractive.

Sex education in India is one of the main reasons of misconceptions related to sex. This sexual illiteracy leads to rape, domestic violence and many other ruthless acts. Cavemen were never taught how to behave. They were never taught rules, customs and manners. As a result, they behaved like animals as that was what they observed other animals doing. But are we cavemen? We have evolved over the years more than we even know. We are known as the most intelligent organisms on this earth. Yet we choose to ignore real facts just because we are uncomfortable. The truth is always hard to accept. That is why we have a high percentage of people who act even worse than cavemen. They rape, sexually assault, pass cheap comments and objectify human bodies solely for gratification.

It is quite obvious that the government cannot help when it comes to these matters because apparently they have much more important 'work' to do. Even if they did try to help, it wouldn't matter because change lies within an individual. Accepting knowledge depends on a person completely.

India is one of the most populated countries in the world. Why? Because of sexual reproduction. Duh. Sexual reproduction without proper education. Yet, we ourselves act as if sex is equal to killing a king. Just randomly blurt out 'sex' while walking. Do it loudly. You'll have a number of people just turning around to scorn at you. If this very scorning was used on rapists, things would have been very different by now.

It is not only women we take into account here. It applies to men too. In fact, men choose to educate themselves with porn rather than know the actual facts. That leads to them feeling, egoistic creatures as they are, that their genitals are invincible and they can go around exerting their dominance on women whenever and wherever they want. It is weird that even women, as a matter of fact, engage in sexually deviant behaviors. When asked, they say “If men can, why can't we too?” Excuse me, miss but I'm sure if someone told you to consume the human excrement just because they did, you wouldn't see their face again. Here, we're definitely not taking human equality into consideration. Women can do exactly what men can.

But the question that lies here is are you doing the right thing? Go ahead and do whatever you feel like. It is your body. You are the way you are. But at least learn the right way to do it. I don't think that would harm you let alone anyone.

Lack of sex education in India is the reason sexologists literally pull their hair in frustration. The questions asked are so ridiculous even a person who sleeps all day will end up having insomnia and nightmares. “Does a man and woman sleeping in the same bed increase the risk of pregnancy?” This is what happens when teachers happily skip the topic of sex in Class 9 and 10.

Even worse, parents don't even think that they should give a little advice to their children. Otherwise, they are busy giving lectures to kids for things that don't even have much of an importance, like education. Yes, they think being an architect or engineer will automatically prevent their kids from getting raped or contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Ironically, parents are the ones who encourage children to have their own opinions and fight for their rights. Slow claps, everyone.

Sex Education doesn't corrupt minds or somehow ruins innocence. Curiosity is present in everyone and instead of messing up, learning the right thing to do is most important. That is why we study in the first place. So people, open your minds a little.

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