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Indrita Ganguly


Political Scandals Under The Present Government You Should Note Before Votingverified tick

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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The 2019 elections are knocking at the doors and as Indian citizens, it is our duty to cast our vote. Most importantly, we should make sure not to waste it. We all know that it is that important decision that is going to decide our future, but we seem to forget it. Thereby, just like a reminder to ourselves, let's look at some alarming and groundbreaking scandals under our present government.

1. The Nirav Modi Scandal

The memory of the much talked about the scam is as fresh as it happened yesterday. The famous diamond merchant scammed the Punjab National Bank for Rs. 11,600 crore. A fraudulent letter was issued about undertaking a loan worth the amount previously mentioned, while PNB was held potentially liable for repaying it. The bank declared that besides Nirav Modi and company, two bank employees were also involved.

2. Vasundhara Raje’s signature issue

Source- Hindustan Times

Lalit Modi was the former boss of IPL and it is known to all of us that the celebrated cricket league was a thriving hub of gambling, betting and money laundering. But, what was more shocking, were Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje’s signature on documents relating to Lalit Modi’s travel to the UK. The business tycoon was wanted by Economic Offences at the time.

3. Finance Minister meets Vijay Mallya

Source- PTI

Another money launderer, Vijay Mallya is wanter for a bank loan fraud worth Rs 9,000 crore. He fled the country and was out of the news for quite some time before Arun Jaitley brought him back to the news. The finance minister reportedly met the defaulter. It becomes harder for people to trust their own government when they apparently endorse frauds and cheats.

4. Mining scam


The scam involved the Reddy brothers namely Karyunakara Reddy and Janardhana Reddy, ministers in Kerala who were held responsible for bribing huge amounts of money to officials to bag mining contracts. This caused the Karnataka state government a financial loss of 16,085 crores as the government was paid minuscule royalty.

5. Nalia scam

One of the most heinous crimes in society are rapes. In India, that rate is escalating. The Nalia scam made things more disturbing as it was found that prominent members of the ruling party in Gujarat were involved in sex rackets. After the gang rape of a 19 year old was investigated, it was found that 35 more women were trapped in the sex racket while 65 politicians were accused for the same.

Down the entire term, there are lots of scandals that have shaken the country and the ruling government. These are just a few and others are equally important. Though there was also some satisfying work done by the government, as the elections come near, we must weigh both sides to take the most effective decision by making the proper use of democracy.

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