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Places to visit in Rajkot | Things to do in Rajkot 2019

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Gujarat is famous for its extended sea-shore as well as historical and religious places. There are many districts, cities, and town with unique stories that lure thousands of tourists each year in different seasons. Rajkot is one such city with a rich history and picturesque places that one should visit in Gujarat. Booking an Ahmedabad to Rajkot cab makes the journey convenient if you wish to explore Rajkot city and surrounding places.

Rajkot was built and established by Thakur Saheb Vibhaji Ajoji Jadeja of Jadeja clan in the 17th century AD. Rajkot is also famous for many things such as gold jewelry, silk thread work, and local street food. It is developing quickly into a metropolitan city with its infrastructures and multi-cultural people. Get an Ahmedabad to Rajkot taxi as there are many exquisite places one must visit during a trip to Rajkot.

1. Watson Museum

Watson museum depicts the remarkable history of the time when there were English rulers. Located quite near to the Jubilee Gardens, the museum was named after British Political Agent Col John Watson who initiated to collect valuable artifacts, antics and much more with the help of royal families. The museum contains numerous items from various eras of Rajkot as well as India. It is divided into different sections showcasing coins, precious clothes, photographs, and wood workpieces.

Along with the museum is the Lang library which is home to a galore of important references and information about the history. It also has a collection of handmade parchments engraved with gold, ages old scriptures and literature that goes back to the 17th century. The museum with the library is a perfect combination of intellect and art. Being the second most important museum in Gujarat, it leads guided tours with photography and has some sales counter as well to spread the word about this marvelous museum.

2. Kaba Gandhi Delo

Book Ahmedabad to Rajkot cabs one way or return, having a cab service makes it easier to visit places in the city. If you wonder what Rajkot is best known for, the answer will be Mahatma Gandhi. Yes, the great leader and revolutionary thinker spent some of his life’s early years here when his father served as the Diwan or perhaps say minister to the king.

The father of the nation lived here between the years 1881 to 1887 and the place continued to be his residency until 1915 when it got converted into ‘Gandhi Smruti’. It means the memories of Mahatma Gandhi and it shows a series of interesting photographs describing the life and journey of the legendary leader. Furthermore, it also showcases some of the invaluable ornaments and objects used by Mahatma Gandhi. So, what are you waiting for? Hire Rajkot to Ahmedabad taxi as soon as possible and head off to Rajkot to witness some historical beauty.

3. Rotary Midtown Doll Museum

Well, museums are something that display items that are hard to find in the modern era and this doll museum define its truest meaning. The doll museum consists of unique dolls from across the world and is a place that interests both, kids as well as adults. The artistry remains in their variety as there are nearly 1600 dolls from over 100 countries. Not just that, each doll has a flag of their native country that says where are the roots of that particular doll. It also provides traditional insights to specific culture from where the dolls belong.

4. Aji dam

One of the major tourist attractions and a favorite place in the vicinity of Rajkot city are the two dams, Aji and Nyari. Situated 8 kilometers away from the Rajkot, Aji dam is the place that remains full of visitors during weekends and vacations. Get a sharing cab from Ahmedabad to Rajkot to make it super affordable. As it is built over the river Aji, the sight becomes breathtaking if you visit it soon after the monsoon or before winter. However, monsoon or post-monsoon is the right season when the water level is full and you get to hear the sound of it.

Moreover, it has a huge garden with an amusement park to entertain visitors and a food court to kill your hunger pangs. Walk around and soak yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the place. The garden has a diverse range of Flora and Fauna along with a zoo that you must visit if you are going with kids. Thus, it serves both entertainment and educational purpose with some fun time to relax in this fast life.

With the above-given list of historical and refreshing places, Rajkot has some temples like Jagat Mandir, Prem Mandir (temple of Radha and Krishna), and Swaminarayan temple known for its architecture and carving. A sharing cab from Rajkot to Ahmedabad can be considered as an inexpensive option to travel back and forth. 

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