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Amor Jyoti Dadhara



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5 months ago
5 months ago
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I open my eyes and there she was, at the edge of my bed with her ever so broad smile looking eye to eye. Could not move my body or shout for help, hell I could not even blink. She moves her rotten hands to touch my feet, I try to move but it feels like every cell in my body is frozen and numb, did i forgot how to use my legs or have I gone dumb. She moves herself over me, sitting over my stomach and widening her grin. Her eyes looks like long eaten by insects. hair long till her waist, no clothes in her body, nor does she require any. Every inch of her either rotten or fallen off or eaten out. The sharp injuries of rope choking her neck is very visible to me. She inches her hand closer to my heart and touches it, it burns like I am being stabbed by a sharp hot knife. Is this my last day or have I already died?? Many questions moving through my frightened and traumatised brown body, but not even a single answer. Breathing is now hard what feels like a lifetime of agony running through my heart it reaches my eyes and tears roll out down my cheeks. She inches her face closer to mine, the smell of her decayed skin moving strong on my nose. I gather all the strength in my body trying to mutter those words, my mouth is failing me. I could hardly move my lips and tongue, drool coming out my mouth and i push harder to speak, I break bits of my front teeth from the fight to utter out words, at last i could ~ 'Soo..oo..rr.....rrr..yy.. Hee....eee..e.e....lllll...lll...aa , I wwww..ww..iii..i.i.i.i.i.i.. .lll'

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