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Paint Industry Is Making A Colorful Growth

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22 days ago
22 days ago
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Color – color which color do you want? We have played this game in our childhood a lot. According to the rule of this game, we have to ask the commander about the color he wants. Once he speaks out the color of his choice, the rest of the kids playing run to grab an object of that color the commander has spoken out. But this game is once again played by us when it comes to choosing the color that we want to paint on the walls of our house. Colors have a very significant role in beauty and decoration of the home of both interiors and exteriors. 

A good color combination can add more glamour to the beauty of your house. The color that we choose is mostly our favorite or according to the theme of interiors that we have chosen. Even if we are not doing any type of exquisite interior decoration of our home, coloring our walls is an essential part to ensure the protection of the walls and make the interiors of the house a bit soothing. Color paint is needed for the exterior walls of the home as well. It is important as most of the paints today have chemical compositions that protect the wall of the house from damaging effects of weather like rain, extreme heat, and snow. 

That is why in most of the cases, we are bewildered while choosing the color of our house and spend a long time to select them. Paint plays an important role when you are planning the interior of the house. In buildings, the exterior colors are generally determined by the developer so can’t do anything about that. However, if you own an individual house, then you have a say on that. 

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There are plenty of companies in the paint market of India who is offering you a range of decorative paints for your interiors. You can choose from a variety of plastic emulsions, texture coating paints, and wash proof emulsion paints to color your home. The texture coating paint is becoming quite popular now a day as you can select different patterns and designs to color your wall. It will offer a 3D look which will enhance the appearance of your interiors. You also have to choose a paint that matches well with your furniture and woodwork of your house, or it will end up having a lousy appearance. Some paint companies also offer professional help while choosing the paint and also send a team to color your entire home or office.

Most of the paints today offer melamine coating, weather shield, easy clean option, and even water repellent properties for longer life of your paint and to keep the beauty of your home intact. It means that you can easily clean off any stain or dirt marks from the wall without the paint getting damaged. 

The paint industry is seeing significant growth due to the rapid urbanization and development of housing and office complexes. The demand for paint has also grown substantially because of it. The disposable income of the people has also grown up due to which they are opting for luxurious paint coating of their homes. The growth of the construction industry and the changing lifestyle of people are together contributing to the growth of the paint industry. Some of the top paint brands that are prevailing in the market include Asian Paints, Berger, Nerolac, Snowcem, Dulux, and Shalimar. The market of decorative paints has grown phenomenally in the past decade. The organized sector of paints has registered a growth rate of 12-13 percent CAGR. This growth is expected to grow further with the development of new housing and commercial projects. 


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