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Of Cozy Nooks and Worthwhile Looks: Simple DIY Hacks to Pretty Up Your Home

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Whether it be scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, peeking into beautifully architectured home or visiting an artistic friend’s place, a lot of us may have had a pang of envy when we look into these lovely homes.

We often balk from redecorating or experimenting with our home spaces because we do not want change, fear making things uncomfortable or ugly, or simply cannot afford it. But making your home beautiful does not have to be a monumental thing.


Simple, low budget ways can easily spruce up your living spaces.

1. Fairy Lights


On the nights you don’t need to work, ditch your harsh white lights for warm, bright, yellow string lights. The LED versions will also save you big on electricity bills. Copper variants work better than traditional wires as they are easier to wrap around things. Windows, bed posters, bookcases – anything is your canvas, but be sure to remain clear of walking spaces and opening things. Try the ceiling for a unique, starry look.

2. Plants


A splash of living green will not only brighten up the place, it will also help in maintaining the ecosystem of the room in question. Wall creepers will be the most natural and pretty choice, but you can only go for a low maintenance potted version like aloe. Do read up on the requirements of whatever plant you chose; nothing will make you (and your room) sadder than a wilting brown plant. Also, investing in a few lively pots will be worth the investment.

3. Color It


Give a fresh lease of life to old, plain furniture by painting it a bright color, preferably one that pops. This is also help the furniture last longer. Tables and small bookcases are the best place to start. The best part is that you do not have to be a Picasso – nothing says loved and well-worn like a few paint strokes gone wrong. Do make sure that you paint in a suitable place, and let the color dry completely.

4. Put It On The Wall, All Of It


Glossy 18 by 12 posters are not the only thing worthy of going on your wall. Put up birthday cards, photos, coins and other trinkets from the places you have been, photos from magazines, drawing, postcards, anything. You will likely end up with a sprawling wall that is not only unique and beautiful, but also an amazing collection of your best memories.

5. Tape It


That odd patch of wall that is not quite right for anything can easily become an eye-catching piece with some colourful or washi tape. As long as you can manage a straight line, there is not way you can go wrong. As a bonus, you can attach adhesive hooks on the tape and hang photos, caps and scarves, or your jewellery on it.

6. Rugs and Curtains


These two items are worth splurging on. A large, soft rug can give an elegant yet cozy look to even the barest of rooms. Dark colors better because they show less dirt (doesn’t mean you clean them once in a blue moon though). For privacy, dark, heavy curtains that complement the room’s color are the best, while lace or net ones are lovely for the rooms that can always do with a little extra sunlight.

7. An Outdoor Element


If you have the space for it, bring something from outside home. It can be your bicycle parked nonchalantly in the corner, a log of tree that doubles as a table, a small hanging lamp from the olden times, or even a lounge chair with some cosy cushions thrown in. If you live in a concrete jungle, such little things can give you and your visitors a comforting image of the outdoors.

8. Make a Poster Bed


This one might be a more advanced thing to try on a lazy weekend, but the results would surely be worth it. You can make a frame from wood, or you can create the illusion of a poster bed by hanging curtains on the four corners of your bed through hooks on the ceiling and some strong ropes. Be sure of the work you do, you would certainly not want to be woken up in the night by something crashing down.

People often underestimate just how important our daily living spaces are. To come home to a cosy, beautiful room full of brightness, greenery and the things you love is one of the best ways to brighten your mood and hopes after a hard day. Even the smallest of spaces and rented places where you may be unwilling to drill a few holes can be made prettier with simple things, a little effort, and just a few bucks.

By Niharika Rawat

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