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Prashant Gupta


Nostalgic Youth : Why shouldn't it be wasted !

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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“My youth is yours,Tipping on skies and sipping waterfalls”.These lines by Troye Sivan might not be as abstract as they seem at first instance.Instead we realize that there’s a more whimsical meaning attached to it.

We can broadly divide human life into three phases - childhoood,youth and old age.People would unanimously regard youth as the best stage of one’s life.

Children want to get young quicker ,the old ones want to go back in time to be young again and correct the mistakes they have committed of not living their life fully.The youths just want to stay young.

The word youth has an inherent meaning attached to it: exuberance.Youths get to satisfy their curiosity and follow dreams they cherish.They are carefree, happy(sometimes sad),adventurous and unafraid. In youth we get to experience life more freely and at same time are financially liberated because we know our parents shall take care of it.

Youth comes with a lot of desires and a longing for experiences that give us chills.We want to love a boy/girl deeply, we want to commit mistakes ,fight harder ,party all night,sing so loud even if no listens to us,dance even if no one admires us or even laugh really loud in public, but we never want to settle.”Not-being-satisfied” is the diet that feeds calories to our always-ready-to-eat hungry brain.Satisfaction is death and we do not want to die so early.After all what youth is it that which is not lived fearless.All we need is one fearless life and we shall never complain.

Youths have a lot of fantasies,sometimes as unrealistic as closing our eyes and landing on Havanna or as trivial as getting a seat in Delhi metro or DTC bus.

For girls it has always been getting out of home after 10 pm with friends.For boys it could be introducing our girlfriends to our seemingly strict father.We are sometimes bound by the barriers imposed upon us explicitly by the society and propagated by our parents.But this is when our friends come to our rescue.We may label them as “dumb and useless as garbage” but they help us in the hardest times of our lives.And this is the advantage of being young.We make a lot of friends and contacts.We rarely bother about that irritating relative or the chaos in metro when we are around our friends who are equally young and enthusiastic and not to mention equally strange!

Youth also teaches a lot of lessons that we don’t forget throughout our life.We learn from our mistakes in our past,from our consistent failures that getting a seat is metro isn’t so heroic , that our relatives aren’t so toxic, how we could have saved our last relationship or that cheating on our bf/gf is not cool. We are so full of energy and the redbull drink in our guts yet we realize that patience is the key.

Not only it’s because of drinking ,partying or travelling far places that I love my youth but because I realize that life can only be lived once and it’s the memories that I make now will help me bear that painful old age.I want to be free,I want to be careless ,I want to commit mistakes ,I want to be in a relationship even if it fails later,I want to drive recklessly and sometimes even runaway like Margo in Paper Towns.If I were Nobita and one of my friends was Doraemon then I’d ask for a gadget that would make my youth forever.But Alas! This is another fantasy of my youth !

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