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Aaroohi Dudeja


No Excuses, No Regrets- Travel All You Can!verified tick

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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As a school student, every year, I fondly used to wait for my summer vacations because that’s when my parents took me out on trips for vacation. Whether someplace nearby or far, someplace I have already been to or completely new, I would just love the experience and again wait for the same to happen next year. No matter, a kid or not, I still fondly wait to find time and travel to the places. John Green has said, ”I have been in love with the cities I have never been to and I am in love with the people I have never met.” This clearly makes us understand that traveling makes all the difference, it makes you experience things that no education or study program ever would. Different people have different ways of achieving solitude but traveling is one universal way that is loved by everyone. 

Traveling is not about going to beautiful places and seeking comfort, it is about the journey one embarks on when he travels. We live in a world where everyone is running and scheming to achieve their set goals and nobody cares about emotional and psychological learning. We have been entrapped by huge amounts of stress and even when we know, we do not make time for ourselves. Traveling is one way that can purely destress anyone and has also the power to set the soul free. Traveling gives one a vision, it helps liberate the inner strength without putting effort.

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They say that the most beautiful thing in this world is the world itself, then why don’t we make time for ourselves and travel while we can. It is good to have goals and it is even better when you work hard to achieve them, but it is not right to follow the crowd and pressurize your soul. We think that we have a lot of time for things like travel and right now we should only work hard and achieve our goals and become successful, but this is not true. We should learn to live in the moment and realize that in the end, we will have nothing but regrets. Jobs might fill our pockets, but travel will fill our souls. When you travel, you experience those things that are not regular for you. You tend to go places, meet new people, learn about their lives and all this widens one’s perspective about life. All this cannot be achieved simply by sitting at home or working behind the screens for hours. Work and study might give you temporary satisfaction, but travel, it will give you inner peace. The more you decide to get out and see what is there in the world, the more you will be interested in the cryptic mystique of life.


People nowadays talk about life changing experiences, and these are not years of change, but just the experiences that you feel in the spur of a moment. Traveling can take you to your life changing experience. The famous Harry Potter novelist, JK Rowling has even said that she happened to feel that travel was what made her life completely different. She says that she happened to write the first Harry Potter book on a four-hour train journey from Manchester to London. The train ride became magical for her when her first book got published in 1997.


There is a certain amount of joy that one feels during travel. It can be the joy of just looking outside the airplane window, or the joy of looking at the waves at the beach, or maybe the joy of sleeping in an uncomfortable hotel bed. Travel is not always quirky and comfortable, it is best when it uncomfortable and you feel each and every moment of being at it. It should be the kind that makes you feel alive, the one that makes you feel that you are living happily and you are not just breathing your life out. 


Traveling makes you face the realities of life. People experience the most when they step out and see the world. The best example of experiencing the life from travel can be of monks. Monks travel all over the world and they meet new people, observe behaviors and hence understand the meaning of life. Traveling is what makes them alive. It makes them see the beauty of the world and how solitude can be achieved. They don’t live in luxurious conditions, but they cherish their journeys while traveling. Traveling makes them live with happiness and no regrets.


It is important to feel the wanderlust inside you and travel all while you can. Don’t depend on tomorrow, just pack your bag and get out there. Even when lost, traveling will always set you in the right direction. Don’t wait for money or resources, go to places, sleep on the floor if you have to, but make your life worthy and develop a connection with the world. Traveling will be adventurous and in all the ways, it will be better than the routine which would be lethal. Treat yourself like a ship to sail, because that’s what they are meant for-sailing not harboring!

Travel far enough so that you meet yourself! Leave footprints, not regrets!

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Shiva Mahna

I love this

3 months ago