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Eesha Dusad


My Love: An acrostic poem about One Direction

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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One day, I was reading,

on the radio, was a song playing,

Never before I had heard it,

but deep in my heart I felt it,

Enchanted by it, I searched,

the names of the people who had sung,

Deep into a world I had entered,

all around it, my heart was centered,

Igniting fires of love and passion within me,

i let it burn, for all eternity,

Reality ceased to exist in an instant,

their words started making a difference,

Euphoria ran through my blood,

never so fast, had my heart thud,

Colliding my world with so many others,

never had I written these many letters,

Time spent learning lyrics,

of songs I sang in hundreds of cities,

I close my eyes and let the dreams come through,

of all the times that I hope will come true,

Onwards I go, living my life,

never forgetting all the fun that I had,

Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn are their names,

one direction is the band that they named.

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