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Taarini Murthy


My home. My Dubai.

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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People usually tend to judge people who are from Dubai. Apparently its a place that only 'rich' people go to or manage to stay in. My home for 17.5 years, I never knew that Dubai was considered to be a rich place. Leaving home and heading to college, I was bombarded with this ideology. This gave me insight to world outside of my home.

Dubai. The smell of Oud when you land at the airport or the polished tiles you see. The greenery that can be seen when you leave the airport makes you wonder how a desert could be transformed into such a wonder. I always wondered if it was the smell, the sights or just the pure simplicity of life when you live there. Things happen on time and there isn't any compromise.

Coming to college, it sunk it. It isn't the smell, sight, simplicity or lack of compromise. It simply is about how the city is my home and nothing can replace home.

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