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devansh dhyani


Mother of All Bombs

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Somebody dropped the mother of bombs

Now somebody will drop the father of it

What are we gonna get, only gonna loose to it

3500 terrorists killed! Nice job!

But what about the rest of the tens of thousand of innocents 

Who were put into the fire of it!

No answers from you, coz you don,t have any!

Kids are starving, men are dying , women being raped

But what you talk about is only ur image being defamed!

Fill your pockets, fill your ego upto the brim

With the cries of innocents you have killed!

Wastes and barren lands is what you see

That was the home of thousands you hit.

What will they do, where will they go?

Why should they pay for the sins you do?

Your superiority is just a matter of time

The world has been silent for quite a long while

The time has come and you shall pay

For all the souls you have flayed

To show the world anti terror is your motive

But your reality is entirely different

And your policy is what we call anti humanity.

Now everyone shall rise but not to fight

But to join hands and stand tight

 Against the lust to kill and fight

And pray for the souls who lost it to the mother of bombs.

Devansh Dhyani

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