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Mirzapur is a Must Watch and Here's Why We Strongly Recommend Itverified tick

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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The new gossip blooming on the social media is the gripping, gangster thriller Mirzapur. A new web series recently released on Amazon Prime gained a lot of popularity because of its cast and storyline. The trailer itself has brought in so much business for the production. It has nine episodes jam packed with thrill, drama, comedy, brutality and even more to elaborate on.

Many critique that it is some or the other way a new form of Gangs of Wasseypur while some believe that it is just another Sacred Games with a twisted storyline but this is all bobbling buzz and scepticism for the newcomer. The themes and production of this new series is quite different in many ways. It invokes some of the key elements that still exist in the society like silent patriarchy, freedom of exploration for women and discrimination.

All this is the analysis of the series and we are not going to examine every aspect of it. This web series is wiping the floor with several predominant rivals.

Mirzapur unravels the social disturbance of regions that are owned by pseudo-dictators who are the sun and moon of the place. With North Indian flavours in the backdrop, the web series encompasses themes such as rivalry, thirst for power, sexuality, freedom and corruption in broad terms.

The USP of Mirzapur is the fact that it’s very organic and natural in the sense that the cast and storyline blend together in such a manner that it is very easy for anyone to completely comprehend, visualize and grip into the plots. The anger of Munnu (Divyendu Sharma), self-love of Golu (Sweta Tripathi) and the stubborn nature of Ramakant Pandit (Rajesh Tailang); all these emotions lash out at the heart of youth who at some point of time have faced similar circumstances.

Also, the interests of the characters resonate with the interests of any person belonging to that age group. The example of nerdy Golu or foxy Bablu spill out this idea. Teenagers today applaud the characters whose stories coincide with the everyday life of boys and girls. Many Instagram stories are flooded with ‘Mirzapur’ stickers, every Guddu is tagging his or her Bablu on Facebook and no one can escape the humorous images of Kaleen Bhaiya dialogues that are shared in every group.

In terms of acting, the web series has one of the most beloved villains popular in Bollywood, Pankaj Tripathi. His presence has exponentially increased the popularity of this web series. We all are aware of his fine work and talent. Ali Fazal (Guddu), Vikrant Massey (Bablu), Shweta Tripathi (Golu) and Kulbhushan Kharbanda (Bauji) are some of the popular celebs who have nuanced the flavours in this web series.

Source- YouTube

The story is about college students trying to find a way through to get out of the jungle full of thorns. A major theme that has never been witnessed in any Indian web series so far is the question of female sexuality and pleasure. In this web series, the introduction of Golu is marked by the portrayal of a sensuous act which is a very bold move from the production.

Also, the wife of Kaleen aka Pankaj Tripathi in the movie often rants about the indifferent treatment of her husband day and night. The boldness with which women in this web series have come up is remarkable and their stories implicitly speaks for the women who suffer from the same problems in our society.

The unique aspects of this so called hybrid web series have made it a ‘you must watch’ series amongst the teenagers. The time, backdrop and storyline is like depicting a real life situation of a particular region. The spicy and humorous conversations are the cherries on top of this great delicacy for the audience.

As far as Mirzapur’s position with respect to Gangs of Wasseypur and Sacred Games is concerned, it is completely unreasonable to believe that the former has any relation to the latter two. Well that’s enough for now. I hope that there were no (a few) spoilers to my analysis. In case you got some, just ignore and enjoy the show. It is worth your time and data.

By Abhishek Kumar

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