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Priyanka Gaharwar


Me. Vs I- A Truthful lie

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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I can see it in the head,

and feel it in the heart.

I dream a dream for me,

as the reality is hard to see.

When I think I can get it

a voice within me says,"forget it"

then an argument begins

Where I become two:

one whom I see,

other who see me as 'you'!

My childhood thought of me as an artist,

My adulthood says,"Dear! you are at high risk".

I tried running away with my dream, once

On my way, I saw reality standing tall and wide

Hence, I failed to decide.

The argument lasts for a while

as long as the two voices collide,

But in the end, no one wins

the head loses the logic

the heart loses the 'belief of magic'.

I think and wonder,

slowly, my dream surrender- to reality.

I roam and Wander,

suddenly, the reality hits as hard as thunder.

I crawl, I walk, I finally run,

as running away from reality seems to be really fun.

At last, I get tire and sit for long

because I know it will start

all and all over again

from dusk to dawn.

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