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Aaroohi Dudeja


What Will Happen to Marvel Cinematic Universe after Endgame?

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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After the release of Infinity war last year, there’s been quite a rush about Marvel’s release this year and being a big Marvel fan, even I can’t wait for Endgame to release. For every Marvel fan out there, there’s a feeling of happiness and nostalgia when we think about it. Ever since we have seen superheroes and fictitious characters that we love, Marvel is the name that comes to our mind. For those who don’t know much about Marvel Cinematic Universe, they would definitely understand the feeling by the names like Iron man, Thor, Captain America and many more. 

Going back to the start, Marvel Cinematic Universe is an American franchise that has been creating superhero films using the characters from Marvel books and comics.

The first movie created under Marvel Cinematic Universe was Iron Man in 2008 and after which there was no stopping to the creations of this amazing fictitious world. With the advent of time the fans and readers got to know more about the characters and concepts that were amazingly portrayed in books and comics. Starting from Iron Man, the audience was introduced to Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange amongst others. Each character was introduced with such great creativity that everyone literally has a wide fanbase. From kids to adults, everyone just simply loves all the creations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Amongst all the major creations, Avengers has been one of the most successful productions of the MCU. Avengers is an ensemble of all the major characters of the Marvel comics and now a cause of adrenaline rush amongst the viewers. The first Avengers movie released in 2012 which was an introduction to the characters as a team. After the first Avengers, there have been two sequels till now namely: Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Infinity War. Endgame which is supposed to release very soon this year will be the last instalment of the Avenger series.

Endgame is all set to release in April end and it will be the conclusion to the Infinity war plot. Infinity war introduced Thanos as a big bad villain from the planet Titan who wishes to acquire the six infinity stones that would make him the most powerful man of the universe. The movie was a major success and we saw the union of Avengers and the Guardians of Galaxy who were set to fight against Thanos. In the movie Infinity war, we see some the amazing characters from the MCU franchise being killed or appearing to be helpless in front of Thanos. The movie ended with a lot of favorite characters being killed and the audience feeling bummed about the same. But, an ending awaits! Can be happy one or a sad one, and it will surely be worth the wait for everyone.

Looking at the trailer of Endgame, it begins with Tony Stark (Iron man) recording a message for Pepper Potts looking convinced that he won’t be back to Earth as he was shown stranded on Titan in the movie Infinity war. The trailer also shows other Avengers gearing up to go against Thanos and we will see the entry of Captain Marvel. Also, Thanos has hung his armor and appearance of Ant man seems to be the key for ending the movie. All this keeps the audience engaged way too much in the ending as there have been speculations that some of the favorite characters might die. 

Much to the fans disappointment, Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark aka Iron man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Tom Hiddleston (Loki) amongst others are leaving the MCU franchise after Endgame. Fans feel a little disappointed that some of the major characters of the Marvel franchise would leave and this might be the end of an era when it comes to the work of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There has been a feeling of nostalgia and sadness because the major characters won’t be shown again and some believe that this change might be the fall of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though this feeling is jaded but it’s obvious that some amazing characters will be missed, even though the new ones continue to take ahead the legacy. Endgame will not be the last film the franchise as Marvel has confirmed the production of some major sequels within a set time frame. 

There are mixed feelings about Endgame being one of the most exciting films yet being the last film for many characters. The release is almost here and we cannot keep calm! We cannot wait to see whether Iron Man will be back or who will be the one to kill Thanos or what role will Captain Marvel will play. After all the speculations, everything assured, Endgame does not appear to be the fall of MCU but the end of an amazingly exciting era with the promise of start of a whole new phase for the fans as well the franchise.

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