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Indrita Ganguly


Mamta Banerjee is on 'dharna' against CBI and Central Government. Here's Why.

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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The chief minister of Kolkata took matters into her own hands when she decided to detain the CBI officials who had come to question the commissioner of Kolkata police about two Ponzi schemes. The CBI officials had surrounded the commissioner's residence. The other team of CBI directed towards the Park Street police station mistakenly thought that it covered the area of Rajeev Kumar’s bungalow.


Realizing the mistake, they hurried to the Shakespeare Sarani police station under which the concerned residence falls. Unrest already took place on the doorstep of the bungalow as the guards of the commissioner’s bungalow directed the CBI officials to come to the police station with them for trying to forcibly enter in the premises without sufficient evidence. As a result, the CM of Bengal, Mamata Banerjee gave the order to forcefully detain the officials at the Shakespeare Sarani police station. The CBI officials still resisted and the Kolkata police officers dragged them forcefully into their police cars and detained them for several hours which is very unprecedented.

The climax initiates here.

After this, she decided to go on a sit-down protest in central Kolkata to allegedly save the constitution. She sat down in front of the metro channel, which is located in the Esplanade area with the chief of police and other senior officials. There were also a few senior police officials who were accompanying her.

She stated that this was a sign of constitutional breakdown and she wouldn’t let her officers suffer the consequences. Within a few minutes, tons of people gathered around her and started chanting slogans in support of their CM. This is the same place where she had gone on a hunger strike in lieu of the forcible land acquisitions for the Singur small car factory in the year 2006. And the last time this happened, a government fell.  

Many political leaders are supporting the CM on this and they claim that the central government is planning a constitutional coup in order to create chaos within Bengal. A former BJP leader also criticized the government for this decision. CBI chief Nageswar Rao is the one responsible for sending the CBI officials and is acting per the PM's orders, claimed the CM of Kolkata.   

With the sit-down protest proceeding to day two, we have found that many other political leaders who claimed to be a part of this ‘mahagatbandhan’, supported Mamata in a breath and called her and backed her move. Some even claimed that they or their representatives may even visit the state to stand in solidarity with the Didi of Bengal.

Though the taking part of on-duty high-level police officers in the protests of a particular political party has raised some certain eyebrows from the political juncture, many analysts are claiming that the police officers are just paying back for having their back. But this logic of course did not go well with the central government and the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). Many spokespersons and eminent leaders of the party have attacked Mamata Banerjee by saying that she is destroying the federal structure of the Republic of India and has lost all beliefs on the democracy of this country. Some have even claimed she is just afraid of the after-part if the commissioner is detained and reveals something that can supposedly harm her and her party as their alleged involvement in the Ponzi scheme. 

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