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Indrita Ganguly


Love: a bane or boon?

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24 days ago
24 days ago
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The writers, directors and musicians of this generation are greatly at fault. While insomniac teenagers

are up all night either talking to someone broken or mending themselves, love stories from half a

century ago tells a shockingly different story. Sentences like “You should be kissed and often, by

someone who knows how” (Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell) and “You have bewitched me,

body and soul, and I love, love you ardently” (Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen) makes the escapist

generation to believe in the myth, that is love. However, it’s a very essential myth.

Believing in love is as hopeful and easy as believing in Santa Claus. You might have never seen him but

you’re conditioned to believe in him because everyone else does. Adolescents, or even young adults like

us have spent weekends watching romcoms like “A Walk to Remember”, “Midnight in Paris” and

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and feeding on the idea that love in real life is as beautiful and

sorted as the one glorified in movies. And that’s mostly the root problem.

Philip James Bailey says, “The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love” and the trueness of this phrase

haunts me eerily. In this life, love has to do more with understanding and compromise than the number

of lives you’re ready to spend with your partner. Every person has past wounds which become dormant

after a certain period of inactivity. But just how a physical wound bleeds if you poke it, emotional and

mental wounds bleed too. If you’re not willing to accept that, you should not involve yourself with

another person because after a certain age, love is not a joke.

To be very frank, love is not even a concept, it’s just dumb luck. And you cannot teach someone how to

love. Science will definitely define love as just a chemical conspiracy of hormones and so will Rick

(thoughts on the new season?) and perhaps it is. But it is also someone whom you can trust your

vulnerabilities with. If you need time to forget your past, talk it out. If he needs time to accept

everything because it’s all very overwhelming, tell him that you understand and it’s okay.

Communication is another key ingredient of a healthy relationship. Also you should confess or confront

when you’re absolutely sure of your emotions. Love requires more compromise than standing in a long

KFC queue.

To sum up, love is a boon if you make the best out of it and if your partner isn’t toxic for you. Toxicity

ruins the bare sanity of a person and no one deserves that loss. If you feel as if your partner is asking you

to do things you’re not comfortable with, refuse. It takes courage to stand up to someone you hate, but

it takes more courage to stand up to someone you love. If you’re sure, go for it. If you’re not, watch

sunsets together and figure out what the silence has to offer to you.

Also, be ready to give up the last slice of the damn pizza.

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