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Khushi Shah


Lost somewhere

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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You don't know what triggered it,

Or do you?

The external silence,

Or the internal screams,

The overthinking mind,

Or those silent tears that never flowed.

You do know about it right?

That this isn't you,

Those who call you a happy soul,

Isn't that what you always want to be?

To carry the smile which reaches your eyes,

To feel yourself go from silent to chirpy.

Oh, The look!

Isn't that what you run away from?

Those words of pity,

And those words of sympathy.

You do wish to change this, don't you?

The pitiful look,

This silent person that you've become,

The scared but puts a brave face on person,

You so wish to be a child again, don't you?


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