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Malavika S. Menon


Life Lessons From Harry Potter That Aren't Just for Children

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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The Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling cannot be brushed aside as merely a children's series. It is a vast universe where the bonds we have with the characters run deeper than the Unbreakable Vow. Right, Potterheads? So, here are a few instances and morals I picked up from the series, many of which are hard-hitting life truths. P.S. Spoilers ahead!

I. The Priceless Friendships

One of the primary things the Harry Potter series carved into our minds is the value of true friendship. The friendship Harry, Ron and Hermione shared started out during their very first journey in the Hogwarts Express. They stood by each other for so many years that we can see them just as close together even when their children board the Hogwarts Express. We can see their friendship evolving right from book one. From teasing Hermione for being a know-it-all to saving her from a troll, the 11-year old Harry and Ron gave us a first glance of their loyalty to this friendship. Even while being the perfect teacher's pet, Hermione still sets Snape on fire to protect Harry from falling off on the Quidditch field. Sacrificing himself at Chess to help Harry cross through, and solving the riddles so Harry can guard the Philosopher's stone from Voldemort, Ron and Hermione did everything under their control to protect and help Harry. Oh wait! I am still narrating incidents from the first book, aren't I? I could go on forever citing examples. Erasing her parents' memory, leaving school to help Harry locate the horcruxes, getting brutally tortured by Bellatrix, Hermione has done it all (and yes, even finishing the homework for Harry and Ron at times). Riding on a flying car with his brothers to rescue Harry, inviting him over for every Holiday, Ron stayed with Harry through the jealousy and ugly spats, showing us that friendship isn't always happy and perfect the way we want it to be. Now, who wouldn't want to have two best friends like Hermione and Ron?

II. Appearances Can Be Deceptive

The very meek and nervous Professor Quirrel, turned out to be Voldemort's ally who was trying to kill Harry. On the other hand, Professor Snape , who was rude and vindictive to Harry right from the very first day, intended to protect Harry from all harm. Similarly Sirius, who Harry initially thought was the reason for his parents' murder, turned out to be the very supportive and loving Godfather. We understood that people aren't always what we expect them to be, they may have a past we are unaware of.

III. Never too late to change your ways

You can always make an effort and mend your ways. Snape was a part of the death eaters from his teenage years. But later, to correct a mistake he committed, he came over to the good side, jeopardizing his life and protecting all students of Hogwarts. Even though, everyone criticised him for the death of Dumbledore, he only revealed the actual reason behind it just minutes before his death, finally revealing his good side to the readers.

Sirius Black came from a family which considered blood status to be of utmost importance. He didn't look back twice, while leaving behind such a family whose values he just could not adapt to.

IV. Love Triumphs All

Lily's sacrifice for Harry casting a protection on him, is a prime example of love's victory over evil. This protection that shaped itself from love, was the sole reason Voldemort failed to kill Harry multiple times.

Snape's love for Lily that lasted years after her death was what made him change his ways and protect her son. Throughout the book there are several characters whose love protected others and helped them get through with life. Narcissa lying to the Dark Lord for her son Draco or Molly destroying Bellatrix for trying to kill her children are all instances that prove love does win in the end.

V. Bravery is seen even in the smallest of deeds

We usually consider Harry as the epitome of bravery. He is, in fact, a brave warrior, the chosen one. From fighting Voldemort and using his name fearlessly from a young age, to dealing with the death of his parents and Godfather, he has been through quite a traumatic childhood, all the while maintaining his bravery, a true Gryffindor at that. But, we also need to mention Neville's brave deeds. Like Dumbledore once said, "It takes courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends". Neville stood up to Harry and Ron when he discovered they were breaking the school rules. Moreover, when Harry was off to find the horcruxes, it was Neville who led the battle from inside Hogwarts, fighting against the Death Eaters cruelty towards first years and resisting the rule of the Dark Lord in whatever manner he could, and finally killing off Nagini, which was crucial for the fall of Voldemort.

There are so many more lessons you get from Harry Potter, these are just the five that I chose to write on. So next time, you hear someone dismiss off Harry Potter as just another children's fantasy, make sure to tell them these lessons that each 'adult' can also relate to.

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Anish Avachat

Good one!

2 months ago