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Indrita Ganguly


8 Most Amazing Indian Historical Movies That Stunned the Audience

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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India has a renowned history which is connected by strings of events and incidences. India’s history has been a famous one with so many kings and queens, kingdoms, conquers and deaths and what not. To get an even greater picture of how it was, let’s sink into some of the historical movies of Bollywood and get an apparent view.

1. Jodha Akbar

This is a piece of enlightenment for all the history lovers. A beautiful film of the rule of Akbar as well as his marriage to Jodha. It’s a historical romance film directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. It has won numerous awards, seven Star Screen Awards being few of them. Set in the primitive days, with the ambience so fascinating – these films have won hearts of many.

2. Asoka

Shahrukh Khan has been the leader for a long time now. He’s been ruling as a romantic hero as well as a warrior as we can see in this movie. This film is about the very famous Mauryan dynasty and he portrayed the role of Emperor Asoka who ruled the major part of Indian sub-continent in the 3rd century BCE. With Kareena Kapoor being in the prime role, this film talks a lot about Buddhism and non-violence. 

3. Gandhi

This film presents the minute instances of how Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was and what he did for India. How the non-violence movement and non-cooperative independence movement helped to abolish the British during the 20th century. 

4. Earth

This is a heart-wrenching story during the 1947 partition of India. In this film, a girl is loved by two of her friends who are Muslim and they have a group of their own where everybody works in a well-off Parsi family. But after the partition, the once integrated group of friends breaks and faces unrest.

5. Mughal-e-Azam

A story of love, despair and abandonment. A story of its kind and is still attached to the hearts of many. Salim, the Mughal prince later known as Jahangir falls in love with the courtesan Anarkali which enrages his father. Despite a desperate attempt to unite with her, Akbar not only refuses but imprisons her. Eventually, with a change of heart, Akbar doesn’t go ahead with entombing Anarkali alive but letting her escape secretly with her mother.

6. Shatranj Ke Khiladi

Directed by the famous Satyajit Ray based on Munshi Premchand’s short story of the same name, this movie focuses attention on how two noblemen so engrossed in their game of chess flee to a village so that they can play their game in a serene manner. Though it might seem very sarcastic on a deeper note, the easy conquering of the East India Company is portrayed here which happened because of nobles like these.

7. Rang de Basanti

This film has won the National Film Award for the best popular film which gives it a good start. A group of five friend’s perception changes as they enrol in acting in a short film where they play the roles of free fighters. Their inspiration directs them towards assassinating the defence minister because of whose corruption their dear friend who was the Indian Air Force Pilot died.

8. Bajirao Mastani

With a budget of 145 crores, ending up with 356 crores from the box office – this film was a super hit. The chemistry of Bajirao with Mastani is portrayed in a very amazing way with Kashibai’s role being one of a kind. Starting from the action sequence until the demise of Bajirao and Mastani it was all mind-blowing.

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