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Indrita Ganguly


9 Hollywood Movies That Succeeded in Raising Awareness About Mental Healthverified tick

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, trauma are few terms with which we are habitual these days. It is because mental illnesses are now being talked about unlike previous days when it was treated as taboos. Now, we come across movies where we see mental disorders being portrayed as an awareness and we, the audience are getting to know more about the illness as well as the person suffering. Let’s engulf ourselves into some of the best movies spreading awareness about mental disorders.

1. Manchester by the Sea

Casting Casey Affleck and also an Oscar nominated film, this deals with depression and suicidal tendencies that Lee (Casey Affleck) has because of his dark past where he lost his three children in fire while he was intoxicated. His brother Joe’s death due to heart attack made him return to Manchester where he finds out that Joe has made him the guardian of his son Patrick. It’s Patrick who helps him heal eventually.

2. To the Bone

Here, Ellen (Lily Collins) is suffering from anorexia and stays with her stepmother and her father who’s unwilling to deal with her. It is a story of how she deals with her anorexia after her stepmother advises her to undergo the patient program provided by Dr. William Beckham. While she’s in the course of her treatment, she visits her ailing mother who’s nearing death and her grief is also shown. It’s Ellen’s conversation with her mother that instills faith in her to embrace the therapy.

3. The Aviator

Thousands of people suffer from OCD and in this film Leonardo DiCaprio has portrayed OCD in its cruelest form. Just when he was rising to be the filmmaker and gaining fame and fortune, OCD hit him hard. He started having issues with consuming milk from open bottle, and the extreme instance went on to his washing his hands till it bled.

4. Melancholia

This film stars two women named Justine and Claire with the former suffering from depression and the latter anxiety. When they come to know that a planet named Melancholia is going to collide with Earth, one of them feels serene deep inside with the idea of death approaching while for Claire the very feeling of death being imminent makes her feel futile.

5. Silver Linings Playbook

Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) is forced to stay with his parents after his bipolar disorder goes untreated and that makes him lose both his wife and job. While he’s desperate to reconcile with his wife, he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) who gets into a deal of treating him if he becomes her ballroom dance partner.

6. Ordinary People

This film deals with post-traumatic disorder and survivor’s guilt of Conrad who had seen his elder brother’s death in a sailing accident where he was also present. A whole family’s reconciliation is portrayed here where Conrad is trying to normalize and his girlfriend Jeannie also provides him with optimism.

7. A Beautiful Mind

Based on a true story about John Forbes Nash, Jr. (Russel Crow) who was a mathematical savant suffering from schizophrenia. His whole life story is portrayed as how he underwent paranoia, delusions and more which problematized his career and life both.

8. Perks of Being a Wallflower

This films is all about a boy who suffers from clinical depression and starts off with his college which he was sceptic about. There he finds two of his seniors, one is Emma Watson another Ezra Miller who helps in his recovery. The whole story delineates how an introvert goes through the many obstacles of being in a relationship, being a victim of sexual abuse and eventually landing up to be a person recovering.

9. Lars and the Real Girl

Ryan Gosling here portrays the role of a person who is very much antisocial and cannot make friends. His brother and his wife try to help him recover and are one day overjoyed when they come across the news that he has got a girlfriend whom he had met on the internet. But they are stunned to see that it is but a plastic life sized doll. But according to the psychiatrist's word, the whole family goes along with his delusion.

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