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Indrita Ganguly


Knock-knock Love Birds! Here are 6 Best Restaurants in Kolkata for Valentine's Day

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Food and happiness are synonymous throughout the sphere. Wherever we go, we find people are the happiest when they get their favourite food. Now, in this season of love, to add to the degree of bliss, we are bringing to your knowledge some of the most happening restaurants in the town. These are sure to spice up your Valentine’s Day and make it all worth your uphill battle of impressing your loved one. 

1. Uno Chicago Bar & Grill

Yes! You heard it right. The most hyped restaurant is eventually here in our city of joy. Much awaited, this one is offering quite affordable yet scrumptious menu for the lovebirds. If you are someone desiring to surprise your loved one by taking them to a renowned place but is short on money then don’t worry, we have your back. Uno is displaying a buffet of Rs. 1725 that too for two which will include an array of deep dish pizza, thin crust pizzas, entrees, burgers and what not. So get set to eat!


We completely understand that you are a very busy one and literally didn’t get a bit of time to make it up for your loved one. Keep your anguish at bay because now making it up is as easy as ordering the best red velvet cake of the town from here and gifting it your person. This valentine’s day, indulge in some guilty pleasures by having the Vanilla Sky cake, Hidden love cake, or Chocolate love cake from here where you’ll lay hands on an incredible one pound within Rs.1000.

3. Blue and Beyond

Rooftop restaurants are always on a win-win list and especially when it’s a day like Valentine’s. Who wants to miss the serendipity of spending quality time with their loved one with a view of the gorgeous city alongside kept ‘buy two get one’ alcoholic drinks. With the bestsellers being Teriyaki chicken, Kebab platter, Pepper chicken and also hot chocolate fudge – your pocket pinch is Rs. 1,600 for two. Go to make the day worth it!

4. Afraa Restaurant and Lounge

A very subtle and laid back place is this one with its authentic cuisine of Mediterranean and North Indian. Featured in the happy hour's list, it really gives a dose of happiness on Sundays just for Rs.1,399 where you’ll find unlimited alcohol in the brunch. Live music, both indoor and outdoor seating will give you a very breezy feeling and you’ll not even feel like returning back home. With the location being in City Centre 1, both shopping and good food can be relished.

5. Waterside café – Hyatt Regency

If you want to really make your loved one ecstatic then you can splurge your savings for once and take them to this place. A world-class brand, along with its myriad availability of food – this place is lit. Make their day by availing the Rs. 3999 offer here which is for couples and get two glasses of authentic sparkling wines. Let some delectable food absorb our money which is really worth it.

6. 10 Downing Street

If you and your partner are totally fun loving people then you must hit the dance floor of this place. Needless to say, their Bbq chicken is mouth-watering alongside cocktails, margarita, long island iced tea and more. Presently, the Bollywood dance nights are literally cravings because who doesn’t want to dance the night away with their favourite one after a hectic day at work? With the cost being on the affordable side of Rs. 1,600 for two – wait, we hear you giving your car a start!

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