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Indrita Ganguly


Isn't It Time We Indulge in Self-care?

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Self-care and medication are the two most important aspects of life that we should pay attention to. People neglect their health most of the time due to many reasons but there are some people who prioritize their health and try to live a healthy lifestyle. 

To some, self-care can mean eating a lot of vegetables, exercise or even a good nights rest. But self-care priorities changes slowly as we age. And as we age we need to consume more medication. So here are a few things you can do to stay healthy.

Taking your prescribed meds at the right time

If you take your meds at the prescribed time then you will start to feel a lot better. But at the same time, you need to know what you are consuming. Do not consume random meds as that could have some unknown side effects. Ask your doctor or physician before taking any meds. Making an informed decision is important regardless of your age. 

Taking care of yourself

Self-care is a common practice and there are many dimensions to it. Regular exercise is something that everyone should do but due to work-related stress, most of us are unable to work on ourselves. The best way to get something done is to make a routine and abide by it. Make a routine and separate your work hours. This way you can achieve maximum efficiency. As we age, we become susceptible to various diseases which can be minimized by working out on a daily basis. Hence it is really important to work out.

Communicating with your doctor

Most people do not communicate with their physicians or doctors properly and this causes a lot of problems. They do not open up completely and as a result, they are improperly diagnosed. As mentioned before, you have to ask your doctor about the meds that you are going to take. And only then will you be able to get the desired result. Otherwise, no matter how many meds you take you won’t be able to get an ideal result. And if you suffer from unwanted side effects, then you should immediately inform your doctor about this.

You have the right to take part in the treatment

If you are unable to swallow tablets or you are allergic to certain meds then you should talk to your doctor about this. He or she will then prescribe something that you will be able to take. Ask your doctor about the benefits of the medicine that he or she is prescribing including the side effects. Do not shy away from this as this concerns your health and if something goes wrong then you will only have yourself to blame. And one more thing, do not overdose yourself on meds. Taking a lot of meds often does more harm than good and there is no telling what could happen if you swallow a bunch of tablets in one go. Hence, talk to your doctor about this and make sure that you have health insurance.

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