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Is There Any Health Problems With RO Water?

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a month ago
a month ago
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Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, contaminants and gases from the tap water.

What are the different technologies used in water purifiers?

RO Water Purifier is that purifier which requires electricity to work. The RO membrane physically removes all germs and viruses by filtering out all living organisms. There are also filtering holes in the RO membrane is so small that it can even remove dissolved salts. RO requires electricity to boost tap water pressure, it also Removes dissolved salts. 

UV Water Purifier- UV can work with normal tap water pressure. It cannot remove dissolved salts. The disadvantage is that Water must be apparent for UV to work. In a UV water purifier the microorganisms are not bodily removed but killed by the influential UV light. For the UV purifier to work properly, the UV light has to travel through the water to kill the organisms.. So it is important that the water should very clean as it doesn't block the UV rays.

UF water purifier- It UF will function with normal tap water pressure. It cannot remove dissolved salts. It Works with muddy dirty turbid water.

Is there any health problem with RO water?

Despite of having lots of benefits like purified water and taste, there are also health problems caused by the ro purified water. Sometimes, it leads to many major health problems too as it sometimes removes many important components by water purifier.

Why some say ro water is not so good for health?

Even the best ro water can cause a trouble. It is due to following reasons-

1. It removes all essential minerals from water

It is a widely known fact that RO purification not only removes harmful contaminants like disease causing microorganisms and harmful heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury etc. but also removes some essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. This is because the size of the molecule of these minerals is larger as compared to water and RO membrane only permits water molecules to pass through it.

2. It reduces the ph level of water

Best RO purification also reduces the pH level of water. When water is passed through a semi-permeable RO membrane, many organic and inorganic constituents fail to pass through it. However gases like. CO2 present in water combines with the free Hydroxide ions in water to form acidic Hydrogen Carbonate and reduces the PH of water.

3. Consumption Drinking De-mineralized RO Water for Long causes harmful effects

De-mineralized water or low-mineral water is not considered ideal and its regular consumption may result in a deficiency of some essential minerals.

The study reveals that drinking water that is deficient in calcium or magnesium may result in several health consequences like a high risk of Cardio Vascular Diseases. The research also found that drinking water low in magnesium may be associated with a higher risk of motor neuronal disease, pregnancy disorders, sudden death in infants, and some types of cancer.

4. Addition of chlorine.

RO end up with a good part of the chlorine that the supplying company added to contribute to its purification. Also, it is important to remember that once filtered, the water lacks agents that protect against bacteria, so it should be consumed within a period not exceeding two days.

5. Can cause infections

If you want the water purifier to perform its function it is necessary to keep it in perfect condition, which mainly involves the revision and change of filters. Manufacturers usually incorporate specific instructions in this regard. This is very important, because if proper maintenance is not carried out, the filters could become a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria, precisely achieving the opposite effect to that intended.

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