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Indrita Ganguly


Indian youtubers who have crossed a whopping million subscribers!

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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The Indian YouTube scene has never been stronger. With more and more channels emerging every day, YouTube poses as a potential up bringer of fresh talent in various fields. Since 2004 YouTube has culturally influenced many trends. Justin Bieber came to light after his videos of playing drums and singing became viral on the platform. And now, after almost a 6-month battle, t series an Indian YouTube channel has finally beaten PewDiePie for the spot of the most subscribed channel on YouTube. The former champion has well over 96 Million subscribers. 

In this list we have compiled some of the well-known Indian figures of YouTube you should definitely check out. 


 5.   CarryMinati


Ajay Nager, aka CarryMinati is an Indian youtuber who started his career making gaming videos. He rose to popularity after he made a unique blend of gaming and commentary on viral videos. Nager received much love for his funny approach on social incidents, viral videos and various day to day affairs. Carry’s channel is an example of excellent transformation as his recent comedy sketches received a lot of love too. Ajay’s recent diss track on PewDiePie has been a subject to much controversy as people accuse hi of capitalising on the entire PewDiePie vs T Series scenario. Currently his channel is having over 6.8 Million subscribers. 

 4.  Sandeep Maheshwari 


Sandeep Maheshwari started his channel as “Aaj Se Jeena Sikho” where he posted inspirational videos about daily things and hardships in life. Maheshwari himself is a successful entrepreneur and has a different take on life. His channel is regarded as the best motivational channel in India. Maheshwari has a stable fan following. If you are depressed or want some advice on that problem you’ve been facing, watch his videos and you won’t be disappointed. His channel, which is presently on his name, has astonishingly over 10 Million subscribers. 

 3.  Sanam


Sanam Puri and his band kicked off their youtube channel in early 2011. Their band, Sanam, was formed in the previous year. Sanam came to light after he started posting videos of him and his band playback singing to retro Bollywood songs. His most famous videos include him covering Lag Ja Galein, Mere Mehboob and bade acche lagtein hai. He also covered Tumi Robe Nirobe, a song originally by Rabindranath Tagore. Sanam has established themselves as a significant pop band in Indian music industry through Puri’s YouTube channel. The songs offered by Sanam have trule melody and harmony to them, only a listener could relinquish. Currently the channel has over 5.8 Million subscribers. 

 2.  Technical Guruji


Technical guruji is the unbox therapy of India. He posts mainly tech stuff. His channel has received mass popularity with his cell phone unboxing videos. Gaurav Chaudhary is a prominent figure when it comes to buying new phones. He started his channel from scratch an no it has over 12 Million subscribers. 

1. BB Ki Vines


Bhuvan Bam started his channel as a satirical humorous approach to real situations. He made vines and short comedy sketches. He is well known for portraying all the characters himself. Bhuvan has made the nation laugh and the nation has showered him with love. Bhuvan also has a talent for singing and has been featured in a couple of music videos. His channel BB Ki Vines currently has over 13 Million subscribers. 

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