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Vaibhav Mishra


Indian Education System

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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The Indian education system is still lacking many problems which are becoming a obstruction is studies of millions of children. At first millions of children are still not getting quality education.

1) Half the country does not even have access to proper education, and only a small fraction can go to university.

  - Lack of quality primary education for the poor

  - Limited seats in Universities

2) Everything is about rote memorization, leading to behaviour which encourages cramming and forgetting rather than life long learning.

3) Standardized testing determines everything, and aptitude of students is not recognized outside this format

4) Lack of diversity in the subjects you can take in college (e.g. can't double major in Math and German like you can in the USA)

5) Extreme pressure from parents / society to use education for financial security = CSE degrees for programming jobs or medicine. Societal pressure to get into the "right schools", not only for the education aspect but to ensure good job/ marriage prospects, in general success in life. Little incentive to take risks and follow own interests or encourage creativity. Generally conformist culture, which makes educational achievement the only thing that matters to social standing.

6) Additional extreme pressure due to limited seats resulting in very intense competition between students.

7) Reservation system 

8) Management quota system.

9) Government control of education/ Government Monopoly in education. 

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Aditi Kulshreshtha

Did u get 1k for writing this?

3 months ago