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Improve your listening skills for TOEFL exam

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13 days ago
13 days ago
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The TOEFL examines the proficiency of non-native candidate of English language who is willing to work or study in a country outside India. The exam consists of five portions that test the understanding of a candidate over the colonial language through an examination that needs to be solved within the time frame of 4 hours and 30 minutes. One section of the test consists of listening which is not complex in its understanding but often turns out to be tricky while executing. The listening test comprises four sections with ten questions in each of the sections The Sections first and second consist of the everyday social situations one may encounter.

Section one has a conversation between two speakers (for example, a conversation about travel (arrangements). Section two has one person speaking (for example, a speech about local facilities) which needs to be apprehended by the candidate for later use. Sections three and four are about educational and training situations. Section three is a conversation between two main speakers (for example, a discussion between two university students, perhaps guided by a tutor) while Section four has one person speaking about an academic situation.

All these situations need the candidate to be vigilant enough throughout the course of dictation so as to utilize the section to its fullest.While listening is the most common task undertaken by a person in the daily chores, it is also the most complex job when execution is concerned. There is a large difference between listening and active and effective listening. The voice clarity is often an issue which a non-native speaker faces in countries like America, England, Australia, and New Zealand. The Ielts Institute in Jaipur helps a candidate get familiar with the tone and vocals of English as spoken in the western countries such as America, England, and Australia which makes life easier for the candidate when they come across the listening test. The best method to get familiar with the tone is through constant watching and listening to English videos and music. Music can be a great cure as it helps one to understand words as they are spoken in continuity with great speed. Even in this section, constant practice is a must and the TOEFL institute in Jaipur enables this constant practice of error minimization under the guidance of expert mentors. The GermanLanguage Institute in Jaipur offers help in the concerned area as well. The interested candidate shall be able to crack or understand the crux of the speech being propounded in front of him/her with moderate to no difficulty.

The level of expertise would enhance with constant practice and so would the chances of a person acing the section in TOEFL.  

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