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Victoria Carson


Importance of female education in character building

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Duration is very crucial to both girls and boys in the development of the characters and also the nation’s development.

The following are some of the roles education plays in the preparation of the female in the character development.

1.      Education increases literacy

Over the years, the girl child has been known to left behind in the accessory of the modern education as compared to the boy child. This has made the girl child to stay back at home to take care of the young siblings, cattle and general home. The girl child has been left behind to serve as the servants of the rich people and men in general through the performance of the daily duties at home. However, in the present time the girl child has access to the education but not all the girls have been taken to schools. Through the education provided to the girl child, most of them have become literate towards the struggles of the opposing religions. Thus, most of the girls have been able to boost their self-development and also the development of the nation in general. Henceforth, the literacy level in the community can increase from time to time because if the girl child is educated then it means the entire family is upheld in terms of literacy.

2.      Political representations

Through the years, the ladies were unable to engage themselves with the politics. This was known to be a taboo in most communities because were known to be under the leadership of the men. Tis restriction of the female to enter the political involvement made most of the ladies to suffer for a while because of lack of the ambassadors for their problems in the government. But through the civic education which is offered across the globe, most of the female have been trained and empowered to perform the male tasks in politics. Henceforth in most countries there have come a constitution which have protected the female in the leadership seats and therefore equal opportunities of leadership have been offered to all genders.

3.      Future educated generations

The education offered to the female child is very crucial as it prepares them to be worthwhile in the future generations. This means that sending the girl child to the schools can be a good investment to the parents and also can makes them to have a bright future which is very important. Many ladies who study is known to make better decision because the way of thinking in them becomes fast and are able to multitask in the various tasks. Therefore, the education in the girl child helps in the better investment which lead to an investment value of the nation.

4.      Reduction in the child marriage

Th child marriage among the learned community is able to reduce among the girl child. Most of the underdeveloped countries have the different cultures which allows the girl child to get married at a tender age such as 15 years. Child marriage lowers results in the termination of the girl child education because once one has become a mother, she cannot b able to attend the classes and abandon the daily duties such as taking care of the children and the husband. In the communities whereby, the girl child is educated, there is delayed marriages which enable the female to study first and get better employment before getting married.

5.      Lower population explosion

Due to the early marriages among the girl child, there will be increased in the rate of reproduction. This means the only role of the girls is to reproduce and take care of the husband together with the home chores that are available. With the introduction of the modern education, the girl child is able to delay in school and hence delayed marriages are experienced. In addition, most ladies will prefer to have less children whom they can provide maximum car than having many children like in the past so as to cater for security.

6.      Decreased domestic and sexual violence

The girl child has been trained on the rights and responsibilities which protect them from the domestic violence effects. The modern education has helped the girl child on the best ways to deal with the stress and on ways which can be used to solve the problems which she may encounter with. This therefore means that the girl child will less vulnerable to the domestic violence’s which may arise between her and the husband. Sexual violence on the other hand has decreased with the explosion of education to the girl child because one can be able to know the best ways of living with the people and how to exclude from the endangered scenarios in which she may become a victim. This therefore has led to the better socio-economic development and healthier societies.

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The article is written by Victoria Carson. I am a writer and marketing excutive at

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