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Ila Dhond



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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Once upon a time there was a world where everyone lived happily!

...And at the end everyone lived happily!

These are the phrases that we no longer get to hear. Why is it so? Why is it that we experience change. Because that's life. Change is what we call life - Evolution of everything you see, Evolution of man kind. There was a time when people lived for survival. Then There came a time when people fought and killed each other to claim lands and trademarks. Followed by the time when people would only want income and relationships. And now the time has come where to be a ruler is what everyone dreams of. Yes that's the thing to be everything but human.

What have you gained, it was never yours to be gained 

What have you lost, it was never yours to have lost

The man is running behind something where achievements are not satisfactory, where vision is the greed and aim is to be powerful. Everyone is busy in the rat race and isn't even concerned about the time invested is impactful, productive or not. It won't be incorrect to say that it's a fast life. World is moving fast and so should we. It's progress. There's nothing wrong with progressing but it's equally important to be kind, empathetic and thoughtful towards other human beings.

The humans nowadays are lacking humanity. Just a word or helping a hand in need might not make you feel the best person in the world but it will surely make a difference to other lives. You never know who you are uplifting, you never know who you are inspiring. Again the society is blamed. The most basic phrase "nobody cares about the other, it's all about oneself". Unknowingly we forget the fact that I make the society and the society makes me. I'm the Society and vice versa.

Taken into account the current situations and circumstances There's a great threat to the mankind. It wouldn't be wrong to say the man is the most dangerous animal on the earth. The countries are fighting for the lines marked on the earth claiming the land as theirs and showing no sympathy and/or empathy towards it's own brothers. The fact we forget is it's our globe. Nothing lies in the lines. We must think of our globe first. The globe is what we must save.

It's so disturbing and heart wrenching to see how a person met with an accident is been neglected when people rush to the offices which will only return pieces of paper at the end of the month. Where money is chosen over a valuable life. How the kids at the signal are given names instead of help just because they beg to fulfill their basic needs. How the animals are beaten and trees are cut for selfish motives. People are turning stone hearted and losing the soft hearts which make them what they are - Humans!

There was a time when this day wasn't too far where a man would be a threat to the other. Since this has turned into a reality, it won't take long for the man to destroy everything and finish it off once and for all.

But all we can do is stay positive and hope that there will come a day where the humanity will be restored, the peace will be the ultimate aim and humanity will be the religion.

For hope of better tomorrow is what we live for.

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