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Huge Fan of Korean Cuisine? These Places in Pune Ought to be on Your Listverified tick

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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The Korean fever has taken over the world and India; while the political aspect of it is downright depressing, the cultural bit has made home in almost everyone’s hearts. From Korean dramas being avidly watched and followed and Korean music bands (BTS FTW) have taken over like a storm, it was only a matter of time before Korean cuisine became as popular as it is now. In Pune, we have some pretty amazing places that serve Korean food that soothes the soul; here are a few!

1. K, Aundh

A tad bit on the expensive end with food for two averaging around 1,300/- INR, K is one of the most posh Korean, Japanese and Asian food places in Pune. With a quirky light grey and white décor with ample lighting and aesthetic tiled murals, this place is a dream come true for authentic Korean food lovers. Serving traditional dishes like Jjamppong, Udong, Jeyuk bokkum and bibimbap, they cover an extremely wide variety of proteins; chicken, prawn, pork, mussels and oysters. With their special in-house kimchi winning the hearts of everyone who comes, the Korean couple who own the place also sell snacks, instant mixes and sauces with a Korean origin.

2. Café Maroo, Aundh

Averaging around 1,100/- INR for two, this casual dining restaurant in Aundh is one of the most loved Korean food hubs in the city. With an authentic Korean cozy décor where you sit on flat cushions on the floor facing low tables the restaurant is known for its warm hospitality. While the kimchi, sea food, ramen, teriyaki chicken and  kimab specials are recommended, almost everything is an delicious as it looks. The Ssukcha latte and teas are homey beverages one can sip on.

3. Café Peter, multiple outlets

Café Peter, erstwhile Café Peterdonuts, is one of the most widely loved budget cafes in Pune with multiple outlets. Bring a work café with free Wi-Fi, it has comfy red armchairs and a signature red booth like exterior décor. While serving a number of cuisines, they also cover Korean with their ramen being extremely famous among students and regular customers. Zomato Gold is also usable here, they provide a Korean take on foods other than known Korean comfort foods as well. Cost for two is around 600/- INR.

4. Malaka Spice, multiple outlets

Also allowing customers to make use of their Zomato Gold membership, the average cost for two here is expensive, resting at 1800/- INR. Offering Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine options they are well known for their pan-Asian recipes which the chefs have handpicked. With an extensive bar menu, famous Korean dishes are cooked to perfection here.

5. Shizusan, Viman Nagar

Averaging again on the expensive end at 1,600/- for two, this restaurant is known for its Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Japanese and Chinese food. Allowing for Zomato Gold, this place has a calm interior that is perfect for a quiet dinner with family. With their sushis being the best in line, they have given a Korean take to them too in some flavours and those are certainly worth trying.

By Eerishika Pankaj

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