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How to Use Ice with Air Coolers

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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Can we spend this summer heat using a solution that promises a high efficiency of energy consumption? A portable air cooler is able to provide a high level of freshness power in a very effective way.

And the interesting thing is that it consumes much less energy while providing unparalleled cooling power. An evaporative cooler is a device that is also called an evaporative cooler. It is a unique cooling device perfect for drier climates. This explains why they are so used in the West. The quenching system is low cost and it is very almost does not consume energy when operating.

A system water evaporation, works by introducing steam into the atmosphere, which helps to reduce temperatures. The concept of steam cooling is really a natural phenomenon, which normally occurs naturally around us. To understand this concept, you can simply turn on sprinklers in your garden. When you stand near the garden area where you are watering, you will notice that the air is much cooler. This is similar to the concept of steam cooling.


- Zero Emissions

Considering that the system leaves a low level of carbon footprint, it does not produce emissions. Unlike other traditional cooling systems, the evaporative cooler does not use a refrigerant or compressor gas. In addition to this, it does not release toxic chemicals in the air. The evaporation of water does not use refrigerants that could potentially harm the environment. Most chemicals used in air conditioning systems damage the earth's ozone layer. As a result, they cause global warming.

- Prevent air pollution

The room cooler carries a filter that helps filter the contaminants that cause odor and dirt from the internal environment. As a result, the indoor air quality of your rooms will be significantly improved. Apart from being friendly to the environment, the cooler protects the rooms of your house against polluted air. The air plant is another highly innovative product that helps purify the air in a very efficient way without using energy.

- Portable and Practical

You can easily take the cooler to any room. I could also pack the device easily, since it was designed to be transported without any effort.

- Installation at Low Price

Unlike traditional air conditioning, you can install the portable air cooler at very low cost. These systems are thrifty, considering that it is not required to install the device. You can buy a steam cooler from any online store and install it in any of your rooms. After a certain period of time, it is recommended to clean the water tank, motor and filter components. Fortunately, you can do all this without previous experience.

Steps to use ice with air coolers

Air coolers are used, either with or as a replacement for air conditioners, to cool the house. In some cases, these air coolers can be used in conjunction with special ice boxes to make the air even colder. If you want to use the ice with your air cooler, you can easily do so with the accessories in the ice box that come with the device.

Instructions for placing the ice in air cooler

1 Place the ice boxes of the air cooler in the freezer, and wait for them to freeze.

2 Remove the ice boxes from the freezer. Press the ice door button, located on the bottom of the air cooler, to open the ice bin.

3 Insert the ice boxes into the ice bin and close the door. This causes the wind from the device cooler for about four hours.

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