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How to Use a Table Saw?

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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Anyone who works with woods and makes different things needs a table saw in their workplace. The table saw is the most helpful tool for the woodworkers and is used for cutting and ripping the boards. If you are going to buy a table saw, or you are already owning it, you should be conscious of the safety and the proper usage of it. This article is on how to use a table saw and we will be explaining it after discussing some safety tips first. Here we go!

How to use a Table Saw: Safety First

A lot of expert DIY woodworkers and carpenters have suffered several serious injuries just because they didn't pay attention to safely using a table saw. IF the table saw is not operated properly, the stuff that is to be ripped or cut can get in a bind and kick back. The kickbacks are either the throwing of the stuff speedily towards the operator, or shaking them badly and dragging their fingers toward the speedily moving blade. Follow the given safety measures to avoid kickbacks: Find best table saw under $300 for you.

• If the board you’re cutting or ripping is touching the blade, never start the table saw. Just remove it before powering on the machine.

• When making the “rip” cuts, always use the rip fence.

• For crosscuts do not use the rip fence, use the miter gauge instead.

• While you are cutting, keep the material flat always.

How to use a Table Saw: Ripping

The simplest cut to make using a table saw is ripping. The rip fence of the table saw is very efficient and it easily makes the adjustments to the width of the desired cut. It also serves as a guide to control the board while ripping or cutting. Below are the steps on how to use a table saw for ripping.


Unplug the table saw first before any work. Fit a rip blade into the arbor. Adjust the height in a way that the top of the blade to about ¼” above the height or thickness of the board.

Use the wrench to loosen the arbor nut and adjust the rip blade in a way that the teeth should be facing the front of the table saw. back. Tighten the arbor nut very hard.


Adjust the rip fence. Release the locking lever on the front of the fence, and then slide it to make its inner edge match the desired width of the cut. There is a ruler on the front of the table saw, use it to help position the fence. This will help you in measuring the board and the size of cut properly.


Now plug in the table, do not power it on now. Place the board to be ripped on the table, now align it with the rip fence, and do not let it touch the blade until the table saw is turned on. Otherwise, you will get kickbacks. Now when the table saw is powered on, and the blade reaches its full speed, start ripping the board.


Move the material to be ripped slowly but steadily and hardly along the rip fence using both hands, this will give you a full control on the material, and keep it flat along the top of the table and perfectly aligned with the fence. When you are ripping large, and thick boards, always use both hands to properly guide the material at the start and when the work reaches near completion, use just one hand. Never let the material go off the work and walk around, this will lead to the high risks of a kickback.

By following all these steps you will become able to rip the boards perfectly using your table saw.

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