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How to Prevent Illegal Secret Surveillance on Cell Phone?

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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Many people don’t know but their phones are being monitored. This trend of tracking others’ device is increasing and has become a problem for many people. There are a lot of ways to spy on any phone or device. Most of the methods used are hard to identify and for this reason, the people can’t know if they are being tracked for calls, messages, location and other activities.

We are going to talk about how you can prevent your phones from being monitored. Below are the tips and guidelines.

How to Know If Your Phone is Being Monitored?

Before we talk about the steps and measures to prevent spying, it is more important to learn if you are being monitored. We are listing some of the signs that show your phone is being monitored.

Battery Drainage

This is one of the signs. When you see the battery of your phone drain quickly without any reasons, you should worry. Most of the surveillance app work in the background. So they consume the battery and can make it drain quickly. If you see something like this, you should be worried.

Sudden On/Off  

The spy apps can make your phone restart and shutdown without your knowledge. The phone may do so because to function, the spy apps give commands to the phones and OS. This is a big sign that someone is spying on your phone with a spyware or spy app.

Noise During Calls

This is one of the biggest signs that your phone is being monitored. Someone might have installed a spyware on your phone without your knowledge. The spy apps work in the background. A good way to detect them is to see if your phone makes any noise during calls. If you hear any sort of noise during calls, you should find the spy app.

Increased Data Usage

The monitoring apps work on the internet. That means, without WiFi or cellular data, they can’t work. In order to get commands, the phone should be connected to the internet. So when you are on mobile data, it will be consumed quickly. If you see your data consuming fast, you should take it serious because it is happening because of a spy app.

Unknown Apps on Your Phone

Lastly, the people who spy on others’ phone install apps remotely. Some apps have no icons and they can’t be found on the phones. But some apps leave signs. If you see any new and unknown apps or files on your phone, this should worry you because they might be spying on your phone with these apps.

Preventing Illegal Spying on Your Phones

We have discussed the signs when you might be under monitoring. Below are more tips to help you prevent such things.

Use Official Apps

When people install unofficial apps from the internet, not from App Store and Play Store, there are chances of getting such things on your phone. You should avoid this practice because you may end up installing spy apps.

Avoid Public WiFi

Public WiFi is another impact of data breaches and hacking. The internet connections that are weak, unstable and available to everyone are used for installing spyware. Be careful about it and never use Public WiFi.

Protect Phone with Passwords

There should be strong password on your phone. The phone should be locked with passwords, face ID, iris scanner and fingerprint options. These factors will make your phone securer and safer.

Don’t Give Phone to Anyone

Many spy apps can be installed within 3-5 minutes. When you give your phone to someone, they can download and install the spy apps. So never give your phone unlocked to anyone. This is a major reason of getting spied on.

Reset Your Phone

If you believe you have got a spyware or spy app that is monitoring you and it not being removed, you should reset the phone. It will delete all files and apps. You can also try updating phone software.

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It is very useful & productive content for all deserving peoples which include parents. Which I think is a privilage for parents in the form of Mobile spy.

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