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Dileep Tiwari



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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Habits are often regular behaviour practice that grows stronger in due course. Habits ingrained so in psychic that it becomes part of life and are very hard to give up. Habits are meant to get the regular task done in less time without investing time in the thinking process. If it is not an automatic behavioral pattern lodged in the unconscious mind, it would not be easy to achieve more when you need to apply your mind thinking about everything you do.

There is nothing wrong with good habits, but the problem is only with the habits that are considered bad and because of that you want to get rid of it. Bad habits are developed unconsciously or consciously by mistake, but you have to break it sometimes to lead a disciplined life. Although it is difficult to break the bad habit, but if you have an unwavering will and put in a conscious effort to re-train your mind, you would be able to get over it. Here are few tips that you will find it useful to overcome bad habits:

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