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Dileep Tiwari



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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Anger is a completely normal and natural emotion that enables a person to defend themselves when they are attacked. The natural way to express anger is to react aggressively and to some extent it is necessary for survival. However, behaving and acting under the grip of anger all the time is not healthy option and that may even create serious problems for you because we all have to follow some social norms, moral ethics, and laws of the land.

Further, life is too short to waste it being angry about anything that does not help you learn and grow. There is no sense to carry anger along when it does not allow you to move forward in life in a positive sense and at the same time hamper your progress in life. After all, when someone lost their temper, look ridiculous and does things that they cannot do in a normal condition and regrets it later.

The fact is that anger only harms the person who is angry and does not solve any problem for them. On the other hand it only creates a problem and makes the situation worse for them. So whenever you get angry, it is wise of you to make an effort to get over it. Overcoming anger is not an easy task because the emotions are more powerful than the logical thoughts, but if you make an effort to find out the real cause your anger and figure out how to get over it, you would definitely succeed.

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