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Niharika Rawat


How To Make Your Vacations Stress Freeverified tick

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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It is incredible that the one thing people do to get away from the stress of their work and daily life has such potential to become stressful in itself, yet here we are. Dream destinations and ideal vacations can quickly turn into nightmares if they are not planned properly, or if one is not equipped to handle unforeseen circumstances. Here are some ways to can prevent all the head and heart ache –

Source - (Family Vacation Critic)

1. Leave It to the Pros

Yes, it is as simple as that. If you can afford it, if the vacation is some long looked-forward to fiasco, or if the party is going to be large with a diverse composition, it may be best to turn over to the experts. Indeed, the tourism industry is so competitive today that you will likely find what you are looking for at a cheap rate, and the money would be well spent if the person who is in charge actually gets to lie back and relax. Be sure to run through the itinerary with all members, and be upfront in communicating needs and expectations.


2. Keep Contingencies in Place

Nobody wants to travel all the way to a place and then not end up going what they wanted to do, but life is like that sometimes. Museums may be closed for renovation, popular sites too crowded, and the weather, naturally, loves to play spoilsport. Keep in mind some alternatives, ranging from card games for hotel room parties to alternative, less explored markets and sites, so that you don’t waste away precious hours waiting for things to align.

3. Over-pack, But Smartly

Source - (Trip Savvy)

While you may not need ten pants for a five day trip, keeping a few extra torches never hurts. Packing some extra essentials, from empty steel bottles to biscuits and sanitizers, stuffing some such items in the small places leftover in one’s suitcase can ensure that rough transitions, such as delays in transport, can be handled without somebody going hangry. This becomes all the more essential when visiting an isolated or otherwise low-reach places, such as the hills.


4. Have Some Basic Knowledge

It never hurts to read up on the place you plan to visit, especially if you are going to visit another country or cultural community. Off days, praying times, social norms, special markets, bargaining methods, and special features differ from one place to another, and reading up means not only are you less likely to get duped or end up at closed places, you might also be able to enjoy hidden treasures away from tourist spots.


5. Don’t Stuff Too Much Action

Important as it may be for you to actually reach a place and explore and experience it completely, you should remember that people get tired, take time to adjust, and may wish to simply lay back and enjoy by the poolside. This different approach can be especially testing in a group, and it is best to accommodate by ensuring that there are adventurous as well as lazy days, ideally in alternations. This would ensure that everybody enjoys, and the spend time together as well.


6. Set Expectations and Rules

This is particularly important for traveling with friends and other adults – how will the rooms be shared, and how will the money be split? Things like dinners and room service can quickly set the table for confrontation and stress if there are no clear expectations set. By communicating clearly that, for example, people will pay only in accordance to what they order and not split evenly, a lot of pain can be saved, even if it comes at the cost of calculations.

It may seem counterproductive to plan and pick over a vacation, but just a little effort and communication before the trip starts can go a long way in ensuring that fond memories don’t turn into a sour thing that makes you crave your home or office. 

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