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Fawaz Jaleel


How to Get Attention on Flats and Flatmate FB groups & secure No Broker Deals?

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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You may find a job more easily than landing the perfect house in a new metro city, especially Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

If you are a bachelor then the society don;t even consider you as accommodation- worthy human beings.


Dejected, Disappointed and Devalued, you suddenly find yourself entangled in the vicious web of the broker world. The "organic" house-hunt frustrates you so much that you seek refuge in the "paid" scheme of things. But, the thought of parting with a significant amount to secure something that should be readily available is painful. Players like Housing tried to disrupt the market but eventually brokers won. Newer players like NoBroker are trying to give us brokerage-free options but they are far and few to choose from. 


This leaves us with the unorganised but 'opportunity-rich' flats and flatmate groups on Facebook to secure your brokerage-free homes. So far, these platforms have restricted the invasion of brokers to a large extent. But in the sea of posts and requirements, how do you get yourself noticed and seal the dream deal?


Here are three ways you can garner attention on these groups, along with examples of such posts that managed to help the seeker land brokerage-free brilliant deals in Delhi and Mumbai


#1: Funny is the New Sexy in House Hunting

Take a look at this Ad. It is funny and to the point. It doesn't bore the reader with a lot of unnecessary information of "what you want". Instead, it uses humour to subtly communicate what the user wants. The writer uses relatable characters and communicates his point using them. This evoked a sense of curiosity among readers who didnt even have a flat but recommended the user to their friends, who did. Most people want "chilled-out" flatmates and this post reeks of the person;s character too.. Here is a closer look at the ad itself

#2: Tell your STORY

More often that not, people want to know the prospective flatmates beyond the 'formal conversation'. If you are able to connect with them through the post, nothing like it. You can mention the reason for shifting, what kind of person you are or what you generally like doing. If the reader or a prospective owner/tenant feels a connection, your chances of securing the deal are higher. Most importantly, your story will grab eyeballs over the other boring posts. Here is an example of how an user told his story and gathered attention

#3: Your post can be situational

There are those events that happen on a regular basis, that reaches most people. In the age of social media, these news stories somehow capture people's attention. Be it a political event like Brexit or a series like Sacred Games going viral. Now when people know this, if you can draw a parallel narrative of your house hunt with this event, this will work wonders. Here is an example of a post

This was posted at a time when Sacred Games was trending and people could identify with the content. This gathered attention and allowed the user to secure contacts.

Househunting is not easy. But, investing some time in using these tips can work wonders. You do not need professional designers or pay creative agencies to make simple ads. Just use free softwares like Canva and Befunky.

Think this will help you?


Do you have any other tips?

Keep sharing and let's help our fellow bachelors secure good deals

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