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How to Generate More Likes and Comments on your Facebook Page

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Creating a page on Facebook is easy, but maintaining it is not. There is a reason why so many people abandon the pages just because they fail to engage with the followers and generate more likes and comments.

Working as a Digital Marketer, I have learnt several things on how to generate more engagements on Facebook. Following are some easy to follow tips to increase engagements:

  • KISS

Keep It Short & Simple. As much as possible, share posts that are short and simple to read. Most people don't have the time or patience to go through long posts while scrolling through their feed. If one has to click on ‘see more’, then maybe the post is too long. Unless you have got something really amazing to share, stick to short posts.

  • Time it well


Evenings are considered to be the best time to post, followed by afternoons. If, in any case, you think that you may not get the time time to post it in the evening or in the afternoon, Facebook allows you to schedule your post. That means, if you want a post to be published at, say, 19:00 hours, you can schedule it for that time well in advance.

  • Avoid shorthand -

Shorthand is not cool anymore. In fact, it is considered rude if you continue to use shorthand on Facebook (Facebook is not Twitter). While the posts should be as short as possible, never make the mistake of using shorthand like ‘u’ for you, ‘lyk’ for like, or ‘whr’ for where.

  • Use pictures or videos -

Statistics tell us that posts with a picture or a video generate more engagements than posts without any such thing. Ask yourself, would a column in a newspaper easily catch your attention if it does not have any picture? The same psychology works with us when scrolling through our feeds.

  • Ask questions -

People generally make the mistake of publishing close ended posts. That can stymie user engagement in the form of comments. But if you post something that ends with a question, you are giving your followers an opportunity to comment on the post. In addition to that, engage with your audience.

  • Share stories -

Contrary to the first tip, posts that are in the form of a story, has a better chance to earn likes and comments. While it is important to keep your posts short and simple, you should not hesitate from sharing something in the form of a story. People just love reading stories - fiction as well as non-fiction. Also, it is a great way to connect with your followers.

By Mehul Manot

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