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How to find Budget-friendly Trekking Destination in India?

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20 days ago
20 days ago
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India is a famous destination of trekking as any other country considering the budget and fun elements. This article talks about those budget-friendly trekking destinations.

India is home to numerous trekking destinations frequented by people from all over the country and abroad. From Jammu & Kashmir to Uttarakhand to Arunachal Pradesh to Karnataka and more, you’ll find a plethora of affordable trekking options in this magnificent land.

But, if you are searching for an affordable trekking destination in India, the task isn’t that easy. You have to consider a lot of things before you can actually embark on a trip. So, here are some advices to select a trekking destination within a budget and enjoy being at one with nature. 

How to Search Affordable Trekking Destinations in India?

  1. Research: There are many trekking destinations in India which are available within a framed budget. But before considering this, you need to choose a destination where you are comfortable to go and do research on the same. The research includes knowing about the place, how safe it is, public reviews, transport, etc.
  2. Accommodation Facility: Depending on the chosen place, find out about the accommodation facilities available during the training. Talk to the local operators or your friends and acquaintances who have been there, to learn whether accommodation facilities are available throughout the trail or you need to carry tents. If you have been a part of trekking tour in Nepal, you must be aware that majority of the trails offer tea-house accommodations. So, enquire about all such facilities.    
  3. Duration of the Trek: Consider the duration of the trek. Usually, treks of fewer days tend to more affordable than those with long durations. Like, Annapurna Base Camp trekking in Nepal will cost you more as compared to the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek. So, once you decide upon the location, consider the duration of the trek so that you can manage your expenses accordingly.
  4. Transport: To reach the starting point of your trek, there must be some type of transport facility available. Look for cheaper options like whether shared cabs are available. Also, research well to find out if buses are available since they tend to be the cheapest.
  5. Off-the-Beat Treks: More popular treks tend to be costlier as the locals are aware of the huge footfalls and the price of everything – food, accommodation, gears, etc. is kept high. However, if you opt for off-the-beat treks that are less popular and hardly frequented by people then, chances are it would cost you less.

Moving a step ahead in this journey there are many interesting places where you can trek in a budget. A few of them are as follows:

  1. Himachal Pradesh: Trekking in a beautiful place like Himachal Pradesh is like stepping on a ladder of your dreams. Because of its geography, many trekkers prefer to go there and enjoy their time in trekking. Some of the best trekking spots include Triund Lake and Indrahar Pass Trek.
  2. Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand is also known as ‘Dev Bhoomi’ or land of the Gods. The amazing beauty of this land with its Pine forests, Rhododendrons, free flowing rivers, grand meadows, etc. attracts a large number of trekkers every year to its lap. 
  3. Northeast: Northeast is among the highly preferred destinations for trekking. In today's date, it is a great tourist place. Trekking destinations like Sandakphu Trek and Varsey Trek can be an exhilarating experience.
  4. Jammu and Kashmir: This is another place bestowed with heavenly blessings from nature. From Maple trees to lush green expansive fields to beautiful lakes, J&K touches the soul of every nature lover. Adding to the point, Sham Trek should be the first choice followed by Sonamarg Trek.

Trekking is a soul-satisfying activity where you immerse yourself in the gifts of nature. Trek responsibly and enjoy to the fullest.

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