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How to Click Aesthetic and Appetizing Pictures of Your Food

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Social media nowadays is all about the glam! Your pizza might be the crispiest ever, but if it doesn’t look so in the pictures you click then what’s the point? Read on for a few tips and tricks on how to make your food look good in pictures!

We often hear people say "First impression is the last impression". We strongly believe that this goes for food too. Our mouth immediately starts watering when we see the waiter getting our multi-layered lasagna with cheese oozing out and a basil leaf on the top or on hearing the sound of our smoked chicken platter coming towards us.

Since social media today is “all about the glam”, it is essential to click attractive photos of your food, which will make your audience want to taste it too!

1. Catch the flavours


It is very important to capture all the flavours of the dish in your photograph. If it’s a rainbow cake, show all the colorful layers. If it’s a pot biryani, make sure to show the major ingredients by spreading the biryani out on a plate. This not only helps the audience imagine the taste but also helps them set expectations before actually tasting the dish.

2. Editing is key

Source- Tim Franco

A dish might look beautiful in reality but might look dull on your phone, which decreases its desirability. The image can be enhanced by simple editing on Instagram or any other editing applications out there. Remember to click high resolution images always!

Keep the contrast and brightness high, saturation medium, fade and shadows a bit low and highlights definitely high and you can be sure that your food will look as lip-smacking as it is (or maybe even more!).

3. Feel the texture  


This is difficult but not impossible. You need to communicate to the audience how the dish will feel in their mouth. When a person looks at the choco lava cake, they should be able to imagine how silky or gooey or velvety the chocolate is. This trick comes with great practice, so continue experimenting with your photographs!

4. Follow a color scheme

This specially goes for Instagram and Wordpress food bloggers. People would prefer scrolling through your blog if there is an established theme and color palette since its pleasing to the eyes. Make sure you also follow a particular style of writing.

This shows credibility and dedication towards the blog.

Thus, an aesthetic blog will not only attract foodies but also people who gain pleasure in looking at beautiful colors and textures.

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